Director's Letter: Help Us In The Fight!

Director, Lisa Arnold, on set of CAGED NO MORE

Director, Lisa Arnold, on set of CAGED NO MORE


To our leaders in this fight,

It has been almost three years since we began this journey of making CAGED NO MORE and what an experience it has been. I have never been so privileged to be a part of a project, nor have I ever been thanked so many times for making a film. I have also never witnessed so much spiritual warfare in trying to get a movie out there and I was a part of God’s Not Dead! I know you are used to being in the trenches, fighting this fight against all odds and I am in awe of your ability to champion this cause every day and never falter. 

We know that CAGED NO MORE truly has the power to touch lives, to open our community’s eyes to the dangers of trafficking and to call to action an army to join you in the fight. Please help us fill the seats on opening weekend - January 22nd so that we can remain in the theaters and let word of mouth on this film grow and spread through your community. Tweet, text, send out mass emails, whatever you can do! We can get the conversation started, equip you with a new team of champions and all raise our voices to end human trafficking. 

We have all faced opposition before but it is those that persevere in faith that see the harvest! I leave you today with Matthew 13. What a word for us! Lord, let our seed fall on fertile soil and let us not be bothered by those that seeds are choked out. Let our efforts spread like yeast in bread permeating every part of the dough. Let our fish multiply right before our eyes! Let our seed of Faith move this mountain!

Thank you for all that you do. I am forever changed by you and your commitment to fight human trafficking! Know that you are greatly admired and appreciated!

Much love,


Caleb Peavy

Founder of Unmutable Creative. We are a creative design and digital marketing studio. We SHARE Your Vision.