From the Co-Producers of GOD'S NOT DEAD, CAGED NO MORE is a feature film that will raise awareness of human trafficking, aid in connecting anti-trafficking organizations, equip parents, schools and churches to aid in trafficking prevention.

Starring Kevin Sorbo, Emmy-Award winner Loretta Devine, Alan Powell, Abigail Duhon & Cassidy Gifford with appearances by Kathie Lee Gifford, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Natalie Grant.

Right now an estimated 27 million people are enslaved world wide. In the US alone, there are 700+ organizations working around the clock to help end human trafficking. What if the thousands of churches across the US and the world came together and said "no more!" Imagine the impact of millions of believers using their social media platforms, volunteering at local anti-trafficking organizations, and helping end one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century.

Now is the time to shine a light on human trafficking.
If we wait, it only gets worse.
— Chad Veach, Lead Pastor, ZOE Church
For me it did start by going across the world, but now it’s turned into realizing that it’s just about going across the street.
There is need all around us.”
— Natalie Grant, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

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