Are B&Q giving away their plants?

Are B&Q giving away their plants?

A social media hoax has resurfaced suggesting shoppers can get free plants and flowers from B&Q stores is recirculating after first appearing in 2019. The hoax says the superstore is giving away free plants and flowers during Easter bank holiday weekend but it is not actually true.

How many new plant types is B&Q introducing this year?

This year, we’re introducing over 180 new plants to our range, giving you even more to choose from when you breathe new life into your garden.

How can I get cheap plants UK?

Look for plant swaps, plant fairs or on local recycling websites. 2. You can often find seeds at the local supermarket or online. stocks a huge variety at low prices and supplies seeds in smaller numbers.

Are Morrisons selling plants?

Morrison’s Home and Garden is well known in the area for the unparalleled service we offer, but we’re also second to none when it comes to sourcing the best plants available on the market. Morrison’s Home and Garden in has been helping create beautiful outdoor spaces since 1978.

When should I plant sunflower seeds?

It’s best to sow sunflower seeds directly into the garden (or outdoor containers) after the danger of spring frost has passed anytime after soils have warmed to at least 50°F (10°C). In most regions, this will fall between April and mid-July. In the south, this will probably occur in mid-March or early April.

What is carpet bedding?

Definition of carpet bedding : a patterned arrangement of low or clipped herbaceous and usually varicolored foliage plants —distinguished from design bedding.

When can I put plug plants outside?

When the plants are well rooted into the compost, and the risk of frost has passed, your plugs should be ready for planting out into their final position. Water them well 1-2 hours before planting out, and again when in position. Once in the ground, water regularly, especially in dry sunny spells.

What plants go in a hanging basket?

10 trailing plants for hanging baskets

  • Calibrachoa (million bells)
  • Lobelia.
  • Bacopa.
  • Fuchsia.
  • Begonia.
  • Verbena.
  • Petunia.
  • Tomatoes.

How do I plant a cheap garden?

Ten of the best ways to garden on a budget

  1. Get free advice. There’s no need to splash out on expensive gardening manuals – there are many places to get good advice for nothing.
  2. Grow from seeds.
  3. Take cuttings.
  4. Swap seeds.
  5. Plan for next year.
  6. Get equipment second-hand.
  7. Go to discount stores.
  8. Make your own compost.

Are Morrisons selling bedding plants 2020?

Morrisons – Get your garden summer ready with our great range of bedding plants, now available at Morrisons.

Who supplies Morrisons garden plants?

Lansen Nursery
Spalding-based Lansen Nursery has supplied Morrisons for over 20 years, and the supermarket believes the acquisition will help it to develop its garden centres further, widening the range of outdoor plants available for customers.