Are Duropal worktops any good?

Are Duropal worktops any good?

The Duropal brand sells itself. They have a long history as a trusted and quality manufacturer of laminate worktops, specialising in their field. They’re the true experts. When you buy from Duropal you can be sure that you’ll be getting a well-crafted worktop that is synonymous with quality and attention to detail.

What is Duropal worktop made of?

Melamine resin is the hardest of all synthetically produced organic materials. This is the reason for the high scratch and wear resistance of Duropal-HPL. The high impact resistance of the material is due to the elasticity of phenolic resin.

What is Duropal benchtop?

Duropal is an affordable laminate benchtop, resistant to hot pans, steam damage, liquid stains, high impact, and scratching. Duropal features a drip seal to help protect your cabinetry from water or. steam damage.

How do you cut a Duropal worktop?

We recommend using a sharp, DOWN CUT, jig saw blade, and cutting slowly. A Down Cut will help eliminate chipping to the face edge. Placing some Masking Tape around the cut out, so the jig saw is sitting on the masking tape when cutting, helps to protect the surface of the worktop from scratching while making the cut.

Is laminate worktop any good?

Laminate worktops are extremely hardwearing and highly resistant to scratches, cracks and stains – more so than natural stone such as marble. For busy family kitchens, this is a very practical choice of worktop material. And should a replacement be necessary for whatever reason, it won’t break the bank.

What is the difference between laminate and quartz countertops?

Both materials are generally durable and highly stain-resistant, and neither needs to be sealed like natural stone does. Quartz is highly abrasion-resistant, under normal conditions, while laminate’s top-most wear layer has long been its weak point.

What is Quadra profile worktop?

The Duropal Quadra profile gives a nice rounded edge to the front of your worktop, which gives a smooth finish. The front edge of a Quadra profile worktop is produced using a process called postforming where the top surface and front edge are formed from one continuous piece of laminate.

What is Polytec laminate?

polytec is an Australian decorative board and laminate brand. Forever the creative thinker, polytec invests in pioneering new product and range developments to equip cabinet makers, architects, designers and consumers alike with a palette that’s contemporary, forward-looking and comprehensive. A Comprehensive Palette.

Can you cut duropal worktops?

Cutting Duropal worktops can be carried out using a portable hand-held circular saw or plunge saw with a TCT triple chip blade which must follow a guide rail or straight edge. Plunge in three stages of 4mm depth increments and then complete the cut.

How long do laminate worktops last?

Kitchen worktops are one of the most used surfaces in every home and for that reason it is important that they are long-lasting and can withstand a bit of wear and tear. On average, people update their kitchen once every 10 to 13 years, which makes replacing your worktop a necessary investment when the time comes.