Are SK8-Hi MTE good for snow?

Are SK8-Hi MTE good for snow?

Don’t worry about that, the Vans MTE Sk8-Hi 2.0 DX shoes are snow, water and cold resistant, but they’re also quite casual, stylish and comfortable to wear from the snowy streets to the cozy bar.

What is an MTE shoe?

VANS MTE™ was made to keep you outside and exploring no matter the weather. Built on three key principles of moisture management, thermoregulation, and added traction to handle the elements. VANS MTE will take you to places you never expected. DON’T SWEAT THE WEATHER.

Are Vans MTE water proof?

Built with next level waterproof leather and suede, the Vans MTE shoes will allow you to never have wet feet during October’s rainy days. The clothes are just as waterproof as the shoes and are treated with DWR 5K water repellent, which repels the water in a very effective way so you never get wet.

Are Vans Sk8 Hi good for winter?

How it performs: The Sk8-Hi MTE has the look of a premium Vans sneaker, but it performed admirably in winter weather. The leather upper easily shunned rain—even sudden dumps of it. It’s still leather, so don’t be shocked with a little build-up.

Can you wear Vans in the winter?

Yes, You Can Wear Vans in the Winter Too.

Can you skate in Vans sk8 Hi MTE?

And thanks to a traditional waffle grip tread that’s simply been reversed to add tread, these shoes are still ready to skate once you find a spot dry and warm enough to skate. Shop all Vans MTE at!

Are Vans MTE good for hiking?

While they do provide excellent grip, Vans offer little protection against the weather and are a totally flat shoe, which can cause discomfort when walking long distances. For anything other than a short hike on even terrain, most hikers recommend that you do not wear Vans as a hiking shoe.

What are Vans MTE for?

This holiday season, Vans debuts MTE 360™ technology that enhances heat retention around the foot and improves moisture management within each shoe.

Are sk8 Hi waterproof?

This shoe is NOT waterproof at all.

Are Sk8 Hi waterproof?

Is it OK to wear Vans in snow?