Are Star Trek figures worth anything?

Are Star Trek figures worth anything?

In addition to the above, genuine Star Trek collectibles from the television series have the potential to fetch tens of thousands of dollars. For example, Captain Kirk’s phaser from ‘Wrath of Khan’ was sold at auction for $57,500.

Does Diamond Select still make Star Trek toys?

Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek movie. Now, however, they have it all back. Following some years in the hands of Art Asylum/Diamond Select and McFarlane Toys, the Star Trek license is back where it used to be.

When did Star Trek toys come out?

The first is Aluminum Model Toys, or AMT for short. AMT got its license to produce Star Trek model kits in August 1966, the month before the series debuted.

What company makes Star Trek toys?

Playmates Toys
Playmates Toys has returned with an all-new Star Trek Universe collection. The first figures and toys will be available to fans this summer in a collection of retro figures from the most popular Star Trek television shows and films, as well as the latest hit series on Paramount+.

What is the rarest Star Trek action figure?

the blue is the most rare followed by the spotted. These are the 9″ Kirk and Spock from the episode A Piece of the Action. Playmates released 5000 of each figure in 1996 and were Kaybee Toys exclusives. These are the 12″ Kirk and Spock from the episode, A Piece of the Action.

What is the most valuable Star Wars collectible?

Most Valuable ‘Star Wars’ Collectibles in the Galaxy

  • Obi-Wan’s Hero Lightsaber from ‘Revenge of the Sith’
  • Anakin Skywalker’s Hero Lightweight Belt Lightsaber.
  • Snowtrooper Helmet.
  • T.I.E.
  • Rebel Blockade Runner Spacecraft.
  • George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ Panavision PSR 35mm Movie Camera.
  • Darth Vader Helmet.
  • R2-D2 Prop.

Why did McFarlane stop making Star Trek?

“Based on federal, state and local regulations around replica/toy weapons, McFarlane Toys has decided to cancel pre-orders on the Star Trek Discovery Phaser 2018 release until we can determine a more acceptable way to release it without compromising the integrity of the item.

What does NCC stand for on Star Trek?

Naval Construction Contract
NCC is the Starfleet abbreviation for “Naval Construction Contract”, comparable to what the U.S. Navy would call a hull number. Jefferies rejected 3, 6, 8, and 9 as “too easily confused” on screen; he eventually reasoned the Enterprise was the first vessel of Starfleet’s 17th starship design, hence 1701.

Where can I watch Star Trek original series?

Right now you can watch Star Trek: The Original Series on Paramount+. You are able to stream Star Trek: The Original Series by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.