Are the rings from Kays jewelry real?

Are the rings from Kays jewelry real?

Kay Jewelers is a chain of jewelry stores with locations all across the United States. They sell diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many other types of jewelry. It has been reported by many customers that their diamonds are not real and are actually just costume jewelry (fake).

Are Zales and Kay’s the same?

Zales and Kay’s are one in the same. They are owned by the same paren’t company. If you are not a big fan of Kays you wont be a big fan of Zales. They are large companies that have a 100% markup on all jewelry.

Is it worth buying jewelry from KAY?

Kay Jewelers is a good option for those browsing around the shopping mall and looking for a gimmicky Mother’s Day gift or a sweet pendant for an anniversary. When it comes to a more significant purchase, such as a diamond engagement ring, you need to be confident that the product you buy is a great quality item.

Is Kay Jewelers a real website?

Due to a rise in fraudulent sites, we’d like to remind you that and are the only websites we use to sell the jewelry you love. Avoid clicking on ads that aren’t from our official social media accounts. And when shopping online, double-check the URL to ensure you’re on an official KAY site.

Is Jared or KAY better?

Jared locations differ from their sister stores (Kay and Zales) in a few ways. Firstly, their staff is slightly better trained and have a little more knowledge of the products. We will get into this a bit later. Secondly, they do offer better quality.

Is Kay Jewelers a good jewelry store?

They are considered to be one of Sterling Jewelers’ premium brands, however while the prices are certainly on the premium end of the jewelry spectrum, the quality of their diamonds is well below par.

Is Jared better than Kay?

Is Kay’s and Jared’s the same?

Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry – Our Company Signet operates approximately 3,600 stores primarily under the name brands of Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, H. Samuel, Ernest Jones, Peoples and Piercing Pagoda.

Can Kay Jewelers Be Trusted?

Can you negotiate with Kay Jewelers?

One thing about Kay Jewelers is that you can negotiate the prices. If you have established a good relationship with the company, you can have them adjust the price of an item for you. The adjustment would however be slight and may not be very significant for someone looking for a hard bargain.

Who owns Kays Jewelers?

Sterling Jewelers
Signet Jewelers
Kay Jewelers/Parent organizations
Signet Jewelers owns and operates the companies Zales, Kay Jewelers, Jared,, and others.

Does Kays have an app?

Our free mobile app makes it easier than ever to pay your bill, shop or find a store!