Are there jobs that pay you to read books?

Are there jobs that pay you to read books?

Then read on for the full list of all of the ways to get paid while reading!

  • Kirkus Media. 💸 Pay: Freelance basis.
  • Reedsy Discovery. 💸 Pay: Tip basis.
  • Any Subject Books. 💸 Pay: Freelance basis.
  • BookBrowse. 💸 Pay: Freelance basis.
  • Online Book Club. 💸 Pay: $5 to $60.
  • U.S. Review of Books.
  • Women’s Review of Books.
  • Upwork.

What jobs can you get from reading?

10 Dream Careers for People Who Love Reading

  • Librarian. Becoming a librarian is a no-brainer for anyone who has a passion for the written word.
  • Literary agent. A literary agent is the middle person between an author and publisher.
  • Copy Editor.
  • Content editor.
  • English teacher.
  • Script editor.
  • Book reviewer.
  • Translator.

How can I make a living by reading books?

If you love to read and want to make money from your love of books, here are five ways you can get paid to read.

  1. Write Book Reviews. There are several ways to get paid to write book reviews.
  2. Literary Agent Freelance Reading.
  3. Write Book Summaries.
  4. Read and Record Audiobooks.
  5. Edit Books.

What is the best job for readers?

10 Jobs for People Who Love to Read

  • Acquisitions Editor. What you’d do: When you love to read so much that you develop an eye for discovering top-notch writing, you just might make a great acquisitions editor.
  • Archivist.
  • Content Editor.
  • Copy Editor.
  • Grant writer.
  • Lawyer.
  • Librarian.
  • Political Scientist.

How can I earn money by reading?

  1. 8 Websites to Make Money by Reading Books. Get paid to read books.
  2. Kirkus Reviews. Screenshot by Author via Kirkus Website.
  3. Booklist. Screenshot by Author via Booklist Website.
  4. ACX. Screenshot by Author via ACX Website.
  5. Findaway Voices. Screenshot by Author via Findaway Voices Website.
  6. Voices.
  7. US Review of Books.
  8. Online Book Club.

How do I get a career out of reading?

6 ways you can work toward reading books for a living

  1. Read books often for enjoyment. Read as many books as you can.
  2. Write book reviews. Start writing book reviews on the books you complete.
  3. Write book summaries.
  4. Read manuscripts for a literary agent.
  5. Work as a book editor.
  6. Narrate audio books.

Can you turn reading into a career?

Many people enjoy reading as a fun and fulfilling leisure activity. However, it’s also possible to build a career that involves reading on the job. If you love to read, you might consider pursuing a job with responsibilities that relate to reading books or other types of writing.

How do I turn reading into a job?

What to study if you like reading?

Here are a few of the best majors every avid reader would enjoy spending the next two to four (or maybe more) years studying and mastering:

  1. English. OK, this one is a bit obvious.
  2. Journalism.
  3. Early Education.
  4. Library Sciences.
  5. Linguistics.
  6. Creative Writing.
  7. Poetry.
  8. Publishing.

Can I earn from Wattpad?

Yes. You can make money writing on Wattpad and all you need to do is to write great stories, follow the guidelines of getting into the Wattpad star program and you will have more opportunities to earn money on Wattpad.

Do publishing companies hire readers?

A publisher’s reader or first reader is a person paid by a publisher or book sales club to read manuscripts from the slush pile, and to advise their employers as to quality and marketability of the work. In the US, most publishers use a full-time employee for this, if they do it at all.

Are there any good jobs for people who like to read?

But while we can’t promise you’ll be allowed to work in your jammies, there are a few jobs out there that will pay good money for you to keep doing what you love most. If you’re serious about turning your passion for reading into a lifelong profession, read on! Here are 10 amazing jobs for people who like to read. 1. Book critic

If you love reading, you can earn money doing something you enjoy. Here are some of the best sites and opportunities that can help. Kirkus Media is searching for experienced book reviewers of Spanish and English-language titles. They have plenty of work to go around, they review or edit nearly 10,000 books per year.

What is the best online proofreading job site?

Best Online Proofreading Jobs 1. Upwork. Upwork is a great site for freelancers because you can choose your own clients and projects from what is… 2. Freelancer. Freelancer is a platform that is very similar to Upwork, and you need to complete your profile and skill… 3. Domainite. Domainite is a

Can you really get paid to read books?

Or you can actively seek out self-publishing authors getting their books ready for print-on-demand and ebook stores like Kindle. (The latter will likely be your primary clientele.) This is the ultimate “get paid to read books” job. Let’s say you’ve been building all the skills I outlined above.