Are Wilwood brakes better than Brembo?

Are Wilwood brakes better than Brembo?

On a lot of the custom/hot rod shows on TV, the mechanics use Wilwood brakes on their builds, instead of Brembos. I have heard that Wilwood brakes are less expensive and lighter than Brembos. However, Brembos have superior quality and stopping power. That’s why they are used on all of the exotic European supercars.

Is Wilwood a good brake?

Wilwood’s specialty lies in cost-effective high performance brake systems that outperform OEM brakes. It makes quality brake parts that are also affordable. Wilwood manufactures many different brake components, including: Brake rotors.

Do you need a booster for Wilwood brakes?

The Wilwood master cylinder is designed to work with a long pushrod from the brake pedal, or you can insert a bushing into the master cylinder so the short pushrod from a power brake booster will work.

Are Brembo brakes better?

The size of Brembo brakes is another reason they’re so much better than other types of brakes. Brembo’s brakes are slightly larger which means more clamping force, which means more braking torque. The result is that as soon as you step on the brake pedal, your car will start slowing.

Who started Wilwood brakes?

Bill Wood
Founded in 1977 by Bill Wood, Wilwood Engineering became a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of industrial engineered, turnkey brake systems in the automotive racing and aftermarket, high-performance disc brake, and component business.

Can you turn Wilwood rotors?

The pad makers say to turn the rotors to clean them up and remove the overheated pad material. Willwood says that they can not be turned. It is 500 to replace the front rings.

Why are my Wilwood rotors black?

“Q: Why are my rotors black, I wanted zinc? A: Wilwood uses a process called “E-Coating” to protect our rotors from corrosion.

Where are StopTech brakes made?

the USA
StopTech® AeroRotors® are 100% made in the USA, with both casting and machining taking place in California.