Are ZEBRA Pens good?

Are ZEBRA Pens good?

Overall, this is an excellent option for those looking for cheap-but-good daily use pens. They’re enjoyable to use, sturdy, write well, and enough of a value to easily replace when lost/empty of ink. Happy writing!

Do cross refills fit all Cross pens?

Cross standard size ink cartridges can be used in all Cross fountain pens with the exception of Classic Century and Cross Spire Fountain pens. These can only be refilled with Cross Slim ink cartridges.

Who makes Zebra Sarasa pens?

Zebra offers a line of writing instruments that include Fountain, ballpoint, brush and gel pens, markers, highlighters and mechanical pencils….Zebra (pen manufacturer)

Zebra head office in Shinjuku, Tokyo, 2006
Industry Writing implements
Founded 1914
Founder Tokumatsu Ishikawa
Headquarters Shinjuku-ku , Japan

Where are Zebra pens manufactured?

Zebra Pen products made in Indonesia.

How much do Zebra pens cost?

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Item Dimensions 7.87 x 6.18 x 5.66 inches

How do I know what pen refill I need?

Generally if you want a refill for your pen look for a branded refill that matches your pen and type. If you can’t find a branded refill this is usually because the manufacturer does not make specialised refills and your pen will take the International Standard for that writing type.

Can you refill any pen?

It’s worth noting that a lot of brands make their own D1 refill sizes. However, if your pen uses a D1 refill, you can use a refill from any brand as they are compatible. There’s a wide range of inks and color options to choose from.

Are Zebra SARASA pens refillable?

We know you love your writing instrument and don’t want to give it up once the ink runs out! For this reason, we offer refills for many ZEBRA Pens to allow you to hold onto your beloved writing tool.