Can I take GCSE French online?

Can I take GCSE French online?

Alongside English, French is the only language spoken on all five continents. Studying IGCSE French online will help boost your confidence in this widely-spoken language, and is an excellent choice if you: Like the opportunities learning a new language brings – in business, or for your own pleasure.

Is Seneca good for French?

Whether you want to revise the perfect tense and how to talk about school life in French or learn how to talk about music in French, Seneca can be your personal tutor for revising French.

Is French easy GCSE?

The regulator is responsible for maintaining consistent standards in GCSEs across different subjects and over time. A statistical analysis it carried out showed in 2016 French and German were among the five hardest of the 30 main GCSE subjects.

What is the best way to revise for French GCSE?

Both sections of the exam will require you to use a variety of tenses, clauses and vocabulary, and you should also demonstrate accurate use of grammar. One of the best ways to revise for the GCSE French writing exam is to practice the different tasks using past papers, and have someone assess your writing afterwards.

How many hours is GCSE French?

To complete this course it will take in the region of 100 study hours which can be spread over a 12 month period to suit the student. You will be provided with advice and a list of titles if required once you purchase your course. GCSEs are part of the National Qualifications Framework.

How do you get a 9 in GCSE French AQA?

Here are my ten tips to achieve a grade 9 in in GCSE French.

  1. Start early!
  2. Prioritise Reading a Listening.
  3. Use a wide mixture of Resources.
  4. Reviews should be Little and Often!
  5. Structure your Revision.
  6. 5 mini-steps to New Vocab Success.
  7. Contextualise the words (make it real!)
  8. Don’t forget Fun.

What is a level French?

The French A level is made up of five modules at AS level and a further five at A level. The first half of the A level will build on the basics you have learned in GCSE French to improve fluency when talking about family and relationships, your lifestyle, the media and popular culture.

How do you revise for French listening?

French listening exam techniques

  1. Listen to French music.
  2. Listen to the radio.
  3. Watch TV, movies, series: all kinds of videos.
  4. Participate in public events.
  5. Prioritise the global meaning.
  6. Try to ignore the surrounding sounds.
  7. Get used to different accents, odd voices and tones.
  8. Enrich your vocabulary.

Is GCSE French or Spanish harder?

When Ofqual repeated this analysis for the 2019 exam series, it found that the overall difficulty of subjects had changed, with Spanish now the seventh most difficult GCSE, while French and German were still among the five most difficult GCSEs.

How do you get a 9 in French GCSE?

Where can I find a good site for French GCSE revision?

Oui… The free GCSE French revision site from Seneca covers all vocabulary, tenses and grammar you need to ace that exam. Throw away those boring revision guides and use interactive GIFs, practice questions, mock exams, quizzes, videos and animations to prepare yourself.

How can I prepare for my French GCSE?

However, it can be challenging to master the skills that you need to pass your French GCSE, particularly when it comes to the listening and vocabulary skills that need to be practiced regularly. Luckily, there are some great language learning resources online that can help you to prepare for your exams.

Does OCR offer a new French course?

(OCR has decided not to offer a new French course) This forum has 1 topic, 1 reply, and was last updated 4 years, 3 months ago by Anonymous. Every man has two countries, his own and France. HOW TO GET AN A* IN ANY LANGUAGE GCSE!

Why choose Seneca for your GCSE French revision?

As a results, neuroscientist have proven that you can memorise topics 2x faster using Seneca compared to traditional revision guides. The ideal free site for your GCSE French revision.