Can you ask unlimited questions on Chegg?

Can you ask unlimited questions on Chegg?

You’ll only be able to purchase additional questions if you don’t have any questions left to use. How can I purchase more questions? You’ll only be able to purchase additional questions if you don’t have any questions left to use.

Can Course Hero be tracked?

One of the big problems with Course Hero is that if a student wants to cheat, the website offers all the tools they need to do so. You also can’t track who is using Course Hero. Often, notes are posted anonymously, so the individual who posted them cannot be tracked down.

How much is chegg for college students?

Students pay for a subscription of $14.99 per month to get access to Chegg Study, which promises students “step-by-step Textbook Solutions for 9,000 books” and the ability to “search millions of homework answers.”

Can U Get caught using Chegg?

100%. But they may not be able to prove it with a clear cut evidence unless they ask you to redo it in class; which is not always feasible though. Some of my students were using Chegg to cheat on homework. A sharp-eyed tutor caught them, and we’re still processing the academic integrity cases.

On which day does your answering stats reset?

Stats including CF score get reset on the 1st of every month (at 12:30 PM). This is to give you a better clarification on how many questions you have solved and skipped in a month.

Is Chegg good for college students?

Chegg is a super helpful tool, that when used correctly can really supplement and set in stone what you are learning in class. When used incorrectly however well just ask everyone in my class that had their gpa tanked for not understanding the material very well 😉

How many questions can I ask on Chegg?

Question: Is There A Limit To How Many Expert Q&A Questions Can Be Viewed? I Know There That You Can Only Ask 20 Expert Q&A Questions Per Month, And You Can Only View 300 Textbook Solutions Per Week.

Does chegg give unlimited answers?

Your subscription gives you access to the following services: Detailed solutions for up to five different textbooks each month. Post up to 20 questions each month. Unlimited view-only access to 25 million solved homework solutions, which are answered by highly qualified individuals.