Can you duplicate in the pre-sequel?

Can you duplicate in the pre-sequel?

“Duplicating guns, shields, or any items returns in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The dual-wielding duplication method has been patched out, but there’s an old way to get around that.”

How do you get orange weapons in Borderlands pre-sequel?

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel has plenty of legendary items. These are the highest quality items with Orange color quality….How to get Legendaries

  1. Random drops from specific and random enemies.
  2. Getting 3 vault icons at the slot machines in Moxxi’s bar.
  3. Item deal in a Vending Machine.
  4. Quests.
  5. Grinder.

How do I get to the vault in Borderlands pre-sequel?

Walk up the ramp to the Vault entrance on your right, using your action ability / powerful laser weapon to kill the Elder Opha and Kestros turrets at the top of the ramp. Make your way around to the back side of the large glowing structure in the center of the ring and touch it to enter the Vault.

How do I get to Concordia in Borderlands 3?

After receiving the Orbatron from Janey Springs, leave her workshop and use the Moon Zoomy station to digistruct a Lunar Buggy if you don’t have one readily available. Drive towards your objective marker and use the buggy’s boost function to make the leap across the destroyed bridge and enter Concordia.

Where is RK5?

Multiple copies of RK5 can be seen at Outfall Pumping Station. They are static and only serve as game scenery. Two Dahl crafts sharing RK5’s model appear in The Dawn of New Pandora. They do not attack and are ranked 10 levels above the character, but can be shot down.

How do you beat RKS in borderlands the pre sequel?

The easiest way to kill the boss is to use corrosive weapons, and to go up/down the elevator to avoid damage as needed. Wait to snipe at boss until it’s close-range. It’ll take longer, but you only have to deal with maybe a dozen guardians over the course of the fight.

Where is Concordia Borderlands pre-sequel?

Concordia is an area in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is a city on Elpis and the central mission hub in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Can you dupe splitscreen Borderlands 3?

You can do this with a friend online or do it offline by yourself in splitscreen. For the splitscreen method the joining player must be logged into a PSN account so that it can make a save game for them to store money in. The process here also relies in backing up and copying back your save game.