Can you finish a guitar with tung oil?

Can you finish a guitar with tung oil?

lacquer’ debate. All three are viable finish options for a guitar. The main difference between tru oil and tung oil is that tru oil can give a harder, more varnish-like finish, while tung oil lets you experience the natural feel of the wood.

Can you oil a maple guitar neck?

So if you do have an unfinished maple fretboard, it may be beneficial to apply fretboard oil as appropriate. 1-3 times a year is what we recommend for how often to apply fretboard oil. This will keep the wood of your guitar fretboard hydrated and healthy.

What should I put on my neck maple guitar?

You can clean an unfinished maple neck or fretboard by rubbing it with a fine 0000 steel wool. This rubbing will remove the dirt and even out the surface of your neck or fretboard.

What finish is best for a guitar neck?

High Gloss Finish is attractive and can be smooth for bending notes but can get tacky in humid conditions. Satin Finishes have more of a matte look and are considered “Faster” to play when changing hand position.

Do maple necks need to be oiled?

Unfinished maple fretboards are essentially raw wood and require an oil based fretboard cleaner for cleaning and conditioning. Raw maple fretboards are typically oil finished by the manufacturer, so any compatible, non-abrasive fretboard treatment from our shop will work.

Does a maple neck need a finish?

Maple. Unlike Rosewood and Ebony maple fretboards do require sealing. In most cases this is in the form of Nitrocellulose Lacquer. If your neck is maple along with your fretboard you can finish your neck and fretboard at the same time.

Can you tung oil a fretboard?

Do not put Tung or any other oil on the fingerboard. Tung Oil is a finish. Fingerboards should not be finished unless you’re emulating Fender electric guitars.

Should I finish maple fretboard?

How do you darken a maple neck?

5 Ways To Darken Maple Guitar Neck

  1. Tru oil. Tru oil gives that dark, yellow and glossy look.
  2. Exposing the neck to the sun. Place your guitar by the window for 8 hours a day for 2 days.
  3. Brown shoe polish. Shoe polish turns maple neck darker brown and it’s not glossy.
  4. Furniture wax.
  5. Buy a tinted neck.