Can you put 2 dimmer switches on the same circuit?

Can you put 2 dimmer switches on the same circuit?

3-Way Dimmer Switches When using a 3-way dimmer switch, you should only have one dimmer on the circuit. The other switches (you can have more than one) must be on-off switches only. In this setup, the light level is controlled from a single location, whichever light switch you replace with the dimmer switch.

Do they make a stack switch dimmer?

The dimmer works with up to 600-Watt of incandescent or halogen and 150-Watt of dimmable LED or dimmable CFL. Wall plate and Pico remote control sold separately. The Maestro Dual dimmer switch is a great replacement for stacked switches commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

What type of dimmer switch do I need?

Choose a dimmer with a wattage rating that meets or exceeds the total wattage of all the light bulbs the dimmer will control. For example, if the dimmer controls a fixture with ten 75-watt bulbs, you need a dimmer rated for 750 watts or higher.

Can you have 2 dimmers on a 3-way switch?

The answer is no. If you set up a 3-way switch for your light, there can’t be multiple dimmers. However, there are workarounds to this. Such as placing one dimmer on the line leading into the first switch.

Can you put two dimmers on a three way?

What wattage dimmer switch do I need?

A rule of thumb commonly used to calculate a load for LED dimmers is to divide the stated maximum load by 10. For example a 400W dimmer switch should have no more than 40W of LED bulbs connected to it, which would equate to eight 5W bulbs.

What is the best dimmer switch?

BEST OVERALL: Lutron Caseta Smart Home Dimmer Switch

  • BEST BUDGET: Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220,Single Pole
  • UPGRADE PICK: GE Lighting 48733 Motion Sensing Smart Switch Dimmer
  • BEST 1-WAY: TESSAN Smart Dimmer Switch for Dimmable LED Lights
  • BEST 4-WAY: Leviton D26HD-2RW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer (2nd Gen)
  • BEST Z-WAVE: Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Light Dimmer
  • Why do my lights flicker when using the dimmer switch?

    Problem with the bulb not screwed in tight enough

  • Wrong bulb type for your dimmer switch
  • Loose light plug
  • Faulty light or fixture switch
  • Appliance pulling large amounts of current on startup,causing a voltage drop and flickering
  • Is Lutron Caseta a TRIAC dimmer?

    Forward Phase- Also known as leading edge, incandescent, MLV, or triac-based dimming. The vast majority of dimmers installed today are this type. This is a line-voltage dimming method. Reverse Phase- Also known as trailing edge, ELV, or FET-based dimming. Luminaries with electronic supplies are best controlled with these types of dimmers.

    What is a 2 gang dimmer switch?

    It is possible to get more, but it is very uncommon to have more that three in a domestic setting – this would be called a 3 gang switch. If you have a dimmer switch they are described in the same way; a 1 gang dimmer switch will have a single dimmer on the plate, and a 2 gang dimmer switch will have 2 dimmers and so on.