Can you still party in Boracay?

Can you still party in Boracay?

The nightlife in Boracay has a reputation for being over the top. Party animals love Boracay as there are countless beach bars and nightclubs that keep pumping until very late into the night.

What station is night life in Boracay?

Station 2
Epic sits right in the center of Boracay, next to D’mall and in front of the Beach in Station 2. During the day it’s a resto-bar, and as the night progresses they move most tables out of the way and turn the place into a club with a dance floor. They often extend the dance floor onto the beach.

Is Bonfire allowed in Boracay?

But the rechristened resort has a slew of new rules that restrict drinking on the beach, limit the number of tourists and hotels, all while renovations continue. Under the new regime, the beachfront has been cleared of the masseuses, vendors, bonfires and even the builders of its famous photo-op sandcastles.

Can I bring food to Boracay?

Bring your own eco bag if you need to bring items with you. You can even temporarily throw your trash in it until you find a proper garbage can. A reusable airtight container can be a good option if you plan to bring food to the beach instead of foil wrap or plastic bags that can get blown away by the wind.

What is Puka Beach in Boracay like?

Before the closure of Boracay in 2018, Puka Beach was filled with many small restaurants and stores lined up on the shore, but with the rehabilitation that was implemented for six months, the beach now has more space for tourists. Puka has a beauty of its own.

What can you do in Boracay?

After enjoying Puka Beach, there is a handful of other things you can do while in Boracay. Go cliff diving in Ariel’s Point, island hopping, helmet diving, scuba diving, eating at the many themed restaurants lining the beach, bar hopping, and watching the magical sunset are just some of the activities you can do.

How to get to Boracay Island from Kalibo?

From Kalibo, you can board a van or bus bound for Caticlan Jetty, which costs around P150 to P200 and takes approximately two hours one way. From Caticlan Jetty Port, board a boat (P25-30) or a ferry (P100) going to Boracay island.