Can you still play stick war?

Can you still play stick war?

Stick War is a classic strategy war game featuring stick figures. This original title was released in 2009 in Flash, and is now available to play in your web browser through Ruffle.

Is Stick War 3 out?

Further Updates. On the 18th of January 2021, CrazyJay uploaded a trailer, showing the new game, he mentioned the games release in 2021.

Is there a Stick War: Legacy?

Stick War: Legacy is a strategy game in real time that challenges you to lead a stick-figure army in thrilling battles against all kinds of enemies. You’ll need to collect resources, improve your units and, of course, be ruthless on the battlefield.

Is there a stick war 2?

Stick War 2 is the sequel to the original hit game from Stickpage, Stick War. Stick Empires is the multiplayer version of this game.

How do you beat stick war?

On Stick Wars Legacy The best strategy is to have your troops defend, and then control a swordwrath, and use their jump attack to dodge the giant’s attacks, while harming the giant, as they still attack very slowly.

When did stick war legacy come out?


Support URL: Max Games Studios Support
Categories: Games Games/Adventure Games/Strategy
Developer Website: Max Games Studios
Country Release Date: 03/10/2016
Worldwide Release Date: 03/10/2016

Who made Stick War legacy?

Jason Whitham
Stick War is a series of games created by Jason Whitham, releasing installments on multiple platforms throughout it’s lifetime.

What’s the latest version of Stick War: Legacy?

Version 2020.2. New Missions Mode. 2 Levels released every week!

Can Iphone play Stick War: Legacy?

Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

When did stick War 3 come out?

The story follows the recently-freed Elementals, who escape the curious grasp of the Order and flee into the depths of Inamorta. The game would be released on December 7, 2019. Unlike it’s most recent predecessor, Rise of the Elementals includes only one playable empire, and is a solely single-player experience.

When did stick war legacy come?

77Stick War: Legacy is a mobile game by Max Games Studios, that is available on iTunes and Google Play. The Alpha version was released for download on October 30, 2015. Stick War: Legacy, according to the hints posted on Stick Wars Universe, is a spin-off of the original game, Stick War.

What is the most powerful unit in Stick War: Legacy?

The Boss Giant kills the “Final Boss”, the final boss of the original Stick War. The Demon Giant is a nickname, as it is only referred to as “the boss” in-game.

When did Stick War come out?

This original title was released in 2009 in Flash, and is now available to play in your web browser through Ruffle. Wage war through several nations and bring peace to the continent through a fun, action-packed campaign! Click campaign to start your Stick War journey!

Is Stick War a good game?

Stick War is a free desktop strategy game. This is the ultimate base defense game online. Prove that you are the greatest Stick King in the land by defeating all of your stick opponents. In this real time strategy game, defend the statue of your king while simultaneously trying to destroy the statue of your enemy.

What is the classic campaign in Stick War legacy?

Stick War: Legacy’s Classic Campaign This is the standard story mode for the Stick War series. For this mode, players are tasked to manage their base which includes gathering resources, training or upgrading units, and bolstering defenses.

What is the best Stickman game?

Stick War is an addictive stickman games game that you can enjoy on This game has been played 201,851 times and has been rated 9.3 out of 10 by 2,336 people. Jason Whitham and Brock White made Stick War. This epic action game is made with Flash technology to run without trouble in modern browsers.