Can you upgrade the sword in Shadows of Evil?

Can you upgrade the sword in Shadows of Evil?

The Apothicon Sword is a Wonder Weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the map Shadows of Evil. The sword can be upgraded into the Keeper Sword (see below).

How do I upgrade my sword to Elden’s ring?

There are two main ways to upgrade your weapons: one is located at the Church of Elleh and the other is found at Roundtable Hold. In the early game, you’ll only have access to the former. Here you can make basic upgrades to your equipment, using Smithing Stones of a lower value.

How do you unlock the swords in shadows of evil?

  1. Find the Symbols. The first step is to find the three symbols needed to unlock the entrance to the egg.
  2. Get the Egg. After finding all three symbols, you will need to go to the subway station.
  3. Charge the Egg. In order to charge the egg, you will first need to locate all four statues.
  4. Retrieve the Sword.

How do you unlock sword SOE?

After opening the red symbol door, collect the Sphere and insert it into one of the octopus statues (located around the map). Now kill zombies in close proximity to power the statue. Repeat for each octopus statue. Once all of the statues have been fully charged you can return to the red symbol door to claim the sword.

Can you pack-a-punch the Mar Astagua?

In order to Pack-a-Punch Mar-Astagua, simply approach the machine and PAP your original common weapon immediately followed by swapping to Mar-Astagua which will PAP your Wonder Weapon into Lor-Zarozzor Arbgwaoth.

How do you get the Katana in Black Ops 3?

Katana (MP) It can be obtained from the wall of the Black Cat Dojo for free once the player completes the map’s main easter egg.

What can you do for Arch ovum?

The Arch-Ovum is an item in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Shadows of Evil. It is necessary to upgrade the Apothicon Swords.