Did Dodge make a 6×6 Power Wagon?

Did Dodge make a 6×6 Power Wagon?

In short, the Power Wagon market has embraced hardware upgrades, just as long as they don’t castrate the manliest truck ever built. Which brings us to this incredible 1947 Dodge Power Wagon 6×6, which is by far the most outrageous Power Wagon we’ve ever featured.

How much does a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon cost?

Prices. The price of goods back in the 1940s was a lot less expensive than nowadays, even without factoring in inflation. A brand new 1946 Dodge Power Wagon cost a whopping $1,627 when it was new. In 2015 money, the Power Wagon would cost just under $20,000.

Is a Power Wagon a 3/4 ton?

As a nameplate, “Power Wagon” continues as a four-wheel drive version of 3/4 ton Ram Trucks 2500 model. The original civilian version, commonly called the “flat fender” Power Wagon (FFPW) or “Military Type”, was mechanically based on Dodge’s 3/4-ton WC series of World War II military trucks.

What engine is in 1940s Dodge Power Wagon?

The Dodge Power Wagon boasted a 230-cubic-inch L-head six that provided 94 horsepower. The dependable 230-cubic-inch engine had a 3.25-inch bore and 4.63-inch stroke. With a compression ratio of 6.7:1, it made 94 horsepower at 3,200 rpm and 185 pound-feet of torque at 1,200 rpm.

When did Dodge quit making the Power Wagon?

The Power Wagon nameplate was discontinued in 1981 with the introduction of the Dodge Ram, with the four-wheel-drive models being sold under the “Power Ram” nameplate through 1993.

What transmission does the Power Wagon have?

8-speed transmission
The 2022 Power Wagon will have a powerful 6.4-liter Hemi V8, which produces 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be paired with a 4×4 drive system and an 8-speed transmission.

What is special about the Power Wagon?

Special features of the Power Wagon include: Electronically controlled locking differentials (front and rear) Electronically disconnecting front sway bar. Integrated 12,000 lb electric Warn winch.