Did Meagan Duhamel win an Olympic medal?

Did Meagan Duhamel win an Olympic medal?

At the 2018 Winter Olympics, 32-year-old Duhamel won a gold medal as part of the figure skating team event, becoming one of the oldest Olympic champions in figure skating.

Who was Eric radfords former partner?

Meagan Duhamel

Eric Radford
Partner Vanessa James
Former partner Meagan Duhamel Anne-Marie Giroux Rachel Kirkland Sarah Burke
Coach Julie Marcotte Ian Connolly
Former coach Richard Gauthier Bruno Marcotte Sylvie Fullum Brian Orser

Who won pairs at 2018 Olympics?

Figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Pair skating

Pair skating at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games
Winning score 235.90
Aljona Savchenko Bruno Massot Germany Sui Wenjing Han Cong China Meagan Duhamel Eric Radford Canada
2022 →

Are ice dancers Hubbell and Donohue a couple?

Yet they have long since broken up and moved on to other romantic relationships. Hubbell is engaged to Spanish figure skater Adrián Díaz, who competed at this year’s Olympics, and Donohue is dating Australian figure skater Chantelle Kerry.

Who is Meagan Duhamel husband?

Bruno MarcotteMeagan Duhamel / Husband (m. 2015)

Who won gold in pairs figure skating?

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong
Medals update: Sui Wenjing and Han Cong win gold in Beijing 2022 Figure Skating Pairs. The Chinese duo have captured the Olympic title four years after winning silver at PyeongChang 2018, giving China its ninth gold of the Games.

Where was Meagan Duhamel born?

Lively, Greater Sudbury, CanadaMeagan Duhamel / Place of birth

Is Vanessa James married to Morgan Cipres?

They have also won medals in Grand Prix and Challenger Series competitions. James and Ciprès represented France at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics….

Vanessa James
Residence Montreal, Quebec
Height 1.5748 m (5 ft 2 in)
Partner Eric Radford
Former partner Morgan Ciprès Yannick Bonheur Hamish Gaman

Who won the 2018 ice dance?

Figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Ice dance

Ice dance at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games
Competitors 48 from 17 nations
Winning score 206.07
Tessa Virtue Scott Moir Canada Gabriella Papadakis Guillaume Cizeron France Maia Shibutani Alex Shibutani United States

Does Johnny Weir speak Russian?

Luckily for viewers at home, Johnny Weir was there to describe the painful scene every step of the way. Apparently fluent in Russian, Weir translated what was being said among Russian Olympic Committee officials and medalist Aleksandra Trusova. It was broadcasting brilliance.

Are Knierim and Frazier a couple?

Alexa Paige Knierim, née Scimeca (born June 10, 1991) is an American pair skater. With her skating partner, Brandon Frazier, she is the 2022 World champion, a 2022 Olympic silver medalist in the figure skating team event, the 2021 U.S. national champion, and the 2020 Skate America champion.

Did Virtue and Moir ever date?

Scott Moir engaged to former skating partner — and it’s not Tessa Virtue. Scott Moir is officially off the market and it has nothing to do with his skating partner of 21 years, Tessa Virtue. As it turns out, despite our romantic fantasies, Moir has had eyes for one woman this whole time: Jackie Mascarin.