Do curtains come in 108?

Do curtains come in 108?

The 108-inch length for curtains is a popular choice for window treatments. Curtains are available in other lengths as well, which include 63, 84, 95, and 120 inches.

What is the longest length you can buy in curtains?

Buying Standard Length Curtains Standard curtains come in three lengths—84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches. “Generally, you want to stay away from the 84 inch standard curtains unless you have very low ceilings.

How high do you hang 108 inch curtains?

The top of most of our windows are 8ft, and we used 108″ panels almost everywhere. So we hung our curtain rod about 13 inches above the windows. The higher the curtain rod, the taller your window will appear. I recommend to always install a rod closer to the ceiling than the top of the window.

How long should curtains be to touch the floor?

You should aim for your curtain hem to be about 3/8″ to 1/2″ above the floor. Not only is this an easier length to measure for, but it also makes it simple to vacuum and sweep. It’s a great option if you plan to open and close your curtains a lot since you won’t need to rearrange them each time.

How long should the curtains be?

If you are interested in stationary panels, you will want your curtains to be long enough to lightly brush the floor, but not so long that they bunch up in a pile. A good rule of thumb is for your curtains to break anywhere from a ¼” to ½” from the floor, similar to a break in pant legs on your shoe.

How do I measure curtains?

For the width, take your steel tape measure and take the full length measurement of your pole or track. For pencil pleats on a track, measure the drop by starting from the top of the track, and for pencil pleats on a curtain pole, measure from the eye of the curtain rings (where you’ll be hooking your curtains into).

What’s the longest curtain rod length?

Most curtain rods are available in sizes of 4 to 12 feet long, while other curtain rods come in sizes up to 15 feet long. However, the best way to buy extra long curtain rods is to purchase two or more rods and join them together with a connector screw or internal rod splice. Add support brackets where the rods join.

How can I make my curtains longer?

How to Make Curtains Longer

  1. Purchase Curtain Rings. Curtain rings can help to add several inches to your curtains.
  2. Redo the Bottom Seam. The bottom seam of any curtain is usually a large edge of fabric that is folded over and then a smaller amount of material folded and sewn.
  3. Sew On Some Additional Fabric.

How much wider than window should curtain be?

2 to 2.5 times
How wide should curtains be? To ensure that curtain panels look ample when closed, they should have a combined width that is 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window/rod. That means if you are ordering Grommet style or Rod-pocket style, the total drapery width should be at least 2 times the window/rod widths.

How far should curtain rod be from side of window?

four to 10 inches
The standard distance from the window casing to the end of the curtain rod (excluding finials) on each side of the window should be four to 10 inches. As a general rule, drapes will be open during the day, so make sure the curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of the window’s inside frame.

Should curtains touch ceiling or floor?

Ideally, the fabric should either be flush with the floor or hover half an inch above it. Half café curtains (small panels covering only the lowest portion of a window and reach the Sill) are a perfect option for rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom where long drapes aren’t practicable because of the lack of space.

Should curtains go to the ceiling?

The higher the curtain rod, the taller the window will appear, so fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the top of your window, if you can. One rule of thumb is that they should sit 4-6 inches above the window frame.

Are there 108 inch long curtains and drapes?

If you are looking for 108 inch long curtains and drapes, look no further. With our vast selection of colors and materials, it is easy to find the perfect curtain for your home. Browse our 108 inch curtains here.

What is the size of a curtain panel?

These panels are constructed with gorgeous, braided tabs and can be hung on your favorite curtain rod up to 1.625″ diameter. These panels are sure to add another touch to the luxury and richness of your decor. The curtain panels are perfect for any living room, bedroom, family room, dining room, bathroom, and office.

How to choose the right curtains for your home?

When it comes to curtain panels, how you hang them makes all the difference. Having them barely touching the floor or floating just above it produces a clean intentional look while letting the ends pile up on the floor is a perfect pick for the romantics out there.

What are linen look curtains?

The solid colored linen look curtains have soft woven construction and are a simple way to add a touch of color to any room. These panels are constructed with gorgeous, braided tabs and can be hung on your favorite curtain rod up to 1.625″ diameter.