Do German blue rams breed easily?

Do German blue rams breed easily?

Ram cichlids breed very easily, but their eggs may get eaten by other fish and invertebrates if kept in a community tank. Get the adults ready for breeding by feeding them high-quality foods, as well as some live baby brine shrimp every day.

Will blue rams breed in a community tank?

The ram is mild-mannered enough that it can be a great candidate for a community aquarium. But it must be stressed that they cannot just be added to any community setup. As before, the substrate should be relatively fine, and subdued in hue and color.

How many babies do German blue rams have?

The female Ram will lay, on average, 150-250 eggs. If it is the pair’s first spawn, it can even be as low as 20 eggs.

Can gold Rams breed with German blue rams?

Registered. yes, they are color variations of exactly the same species.

Do German blue rams mate for life?

The German blue ram forms monogamous pairs and both parents engage in brood care. If you want a breeding pair to form you can purchase a group of juvenile fish and let them grow up together. They will then form their own pairs as they reach sexual maturity.

How many German blue rams should be kept together?

Author Note: If you want to keep more than one German Blue Ram in the same aquarium, it’s best to limit the number to two. This will help prevent territorial behavior (especially if you’re keeping two males together). When keeping two males together make sure you increase the tank size to at least 40 gallons as well.

What fish can live with German blue rams?

Good tank companions are silver dollars, dwarf gouramis, discus, plecostomus catfish, cardinal, and neon tetras. Other great tank mates include corydoras, rummynose tetras, kuhli loaches, clown loaches, guppies, mollies, and platies. Large aggressive fish are not a good match.

Can a German blue ram live in a 5 gallon tank?

Rams can be kept in as small as a 5 gallon tank without any problem, but I prefer to keep them in large planted aquariums where they accent the plants with a splash of color.

Is German blue ram a community fish?

Tank Mates German blue rams are the perfect cichlids for a community aquarium. These fish can be kept with non-cichlids and peaceful dwarf cichlids. They need a peaceful community as they will struggle in an aggressive tank.

Do balloon Rams breed?

As the Blue Balloon Ram is a selectively bred farm raised species, thus they are very used to consuming commercially processed flake and pellet foods….Cichlid Rams – Blue Balloon Ram “Imported” (Microgeophagus ramirezi) 3cm.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Should blue rams be kept in pairs?

Except during spawning season, blue rams are a peaceful species of fish. They should be kept in pairs – with the base 30 gallons to start and 10 more gallons per pair after that – and should be kept in a peaceful fish tank with other non-aggressive fish.

How do I know if my German Blue Rams are paired?

Males will have longer spikes towards their head, and these are usually separate from the rest of the fin, while females appear to have a completely connected fin with shorter spikes.

How do you breed a German Blue Ram?

The German blue ram forms monogamous pairs and both parents engage in brood care. If you want a breeding pair to form you can purchase a group of juvenile fish and let them grow up together.

How old can a German Blue Ram get?

The German blue ram can become at least 3 years old. This species has not been evaluated for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The German blue ram lives in the Orinoco River basin, in Los llanos of Venezuela and Colombia.

Are German Blue Rams aggressive to other fish?

If your German blue rams become aggressive towards other fish in the aquarium, it is most likely caused by a shortage or suitable hiding places. It is also normal for them to become aggressive during breeding since they want to protect their offspring.

Where do German Blue Rams live?

The sites where German blue rams have been found generally have slow-flowing water. The colour of the water can be anything from dark tea-colour to completely clear. German blue rams are normally only found where there is plenty of cover consisting of aquatic plants or submerged land vegetation.