Do you pay for SANCA?

Do you pay for SANCA?

Although SANCA receives a subsidy from the Department of Social Development as well as grants and donations from a range of funders, income from these sources are insufficient to enable the organisation to offer an entirely free service. Clients are charged according to a set fee structure.

What does SANCA deal with?

The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA)’s National body was established in 1956 in response to a need expressed by communities for assistance to deal with escalating alcohol and other drug related problems.

How does SANCA support the community?

They can complement a school’s drug abuse program by incorporating drug abuse prevention strategies. SANCA offers Substance Abuse Prevention and Awareness Programmes & Substance Abuse Diversion Programme for Learners at risk and / or in Conflict of the Law).

How is SANCA funded?

SANCA was funded by DSD, corporate companies, national and international donors and was managing with what it received, but was always appealing for more funding. She said that SANCA would like to know what percentage of the national substance abuse budget it received.

What is the meaning of SANCA?


Acronym Definition
SANCA South African National Council on Alcoholism (est. 1956; Bordeaux, Randburg, South Africa)
SANCA School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (Seattle, WA)
SANCA South African Council on Alcoholism

What is the vision of SANCA?

To provide specialised outcome based substance abuse prevention, out-patient treatment, capacity building and training as well as corporate services by a multi-disciplinary team, to the communities of the Western Cape.

What is the vision and mission of SANCA?

When was SANCA founded and who was the founder?

SUMMARY HISTORY. The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (Sanca) Soweto Treatment Centre is a non-profit organization that was established in 1980 by SANCA Johannesburg. It came into existence as a response to growing problems of Substance Abuse in Soweto.

What happens at SANCA?

SANCA offers treatment on a continuum of care from screening, assessment, medical treatment and therapeutic treatment for services users and families as well as aftercare services.

What does SANCA mean?