Does Dura-Ace shift better than Ultegra?

Does Dura-Ace shift better than Ultegra?

Although Dura Ace is considered to Shimano’s out-and-out performance groupset, surprisingly, Ultegra is generally deemed to be much more versatile, mainly because of the lower range of gears that it offers. While Ultegra cassettes go all the way up to 34 teeth, Dura Ace cassettes only go up to 30 teeth.

Will Dura-Ace shifters work with Ultegra derailleur?

This means that all of the road bike Ultegra/Dura-Ace dual control brake levers/shifts, time trial shifters, and climbing shifters can be used with either Ultegra 6770/6870 or Dura-Ace 9070 front and rear derailleurs. Any of the Ultegra/Dura-Ace controllers (A Junctions) can be used with either system.

Is Dura-Ace chain better than Ultegra?

Greater use of the Sil-Tec coating does make the Dura-Ace chain more durable, because it covers the high-load contact surfaces, where it does not on the Ultegra chain. Link shaping is identical so there’s no diference in shift performance. The weight difference from the hollow pins is negligible.

How much heavier is Ultegra than Dura-Ace?

Again there’s a slight weight difference: the Ultegra power meter chainset weighs 769g, which is 21g heavier than the Dura-Ace power meter at 748g.

Is Dura-Ace the best?

Two years, over 10,000 miles, one conclusion: Shimano’s Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group is the best human-powered drivetrain the world has ever seen. If you’re a weight-weenie, look to SRAM, home of the best weight/cost ratio in the industry.

Can you mix shifters and derailleurs?

No. The ratio has to be the same, so the rear shifter and derailleur have to be the same brand. You can mix SRAM and Shimano for the front shifter and derailleur, though. And the brand of crankset doesn’t matter.

Can you mix Ultegra and Dura-Ace Di2?

Di2 Compatibility – mix Ultegra, DURA-ACE, XTR, XT and GRX components. Did you know most 10-speed and 11-speed Di2 hardware is cross-series compatible? You can actually mix different series and even different generations of Di2 hardware, as long as you make sure you follow the Di2 compatibility chart!

How long do Dura-Ace chains last?

If you wear your chain/cassette combo you can easily get a year’s (5000kms) riding out of them in all conditions. If you just want to change your chains, trust the measurement tool or bargain for 1200-1400 kms as a rule of thumb.

Will ultegra R8000 work with 6800?

Worthy of note: the new R8000 components are all cross-compatible with the previous 6800 generation and just about any other Shimano 11-speed mechanical groupset. This means that if you’re on a recent 11-speed Shimano road groupset, you can mix and match many of the components reviewed here.

Is Dura-Ace less durable than Ultegra?

This is good news for the consumer because it means the two can be directly compared right from the start – which is exactly what we plan to do here. Dura-Ace has always been the flagship Shimano groupset – lighter, more durable, and very expensive. But in performance terms, Ultegra has started to close the gap.