Does Fraxel laser really work?

Does Fraxel laser really work?

Since the Fraxel laser promotes rapid cell turnover and collagen production, it works extremely well on dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles along with other skin conditions such as acne scars. The Fraxel laser is also an effective treatment for skin discoloration.

How much does Fraxel laser cost in Australia?

$150 to $1,200
How much does Fraxel laser cost in Australia? Fraxel treatments in Australia cost $150 to $1,200 depending on the area of the body and the condition. Patients who have a scar removal procedure will pay $150 or above depending on the extent of the scar and how deep it is.

Can Fraxel damage your skin?

Because the Fraxel laser does damage your skin cells (in order for them to rejuvenate and improve your skin’s appearance), you need to be certain to clean all treated areas several times a day – two to five, according to – with saline or diluted vinegar solution, depending on your surgeon’s …

Is Fraxel good for your face?

According to Dr. Estee Williams, board-certified dermatologist in New York City, Fraxel-type laser treatments are ideal for anyone ages 25 to 60 who want to improve skin texture and resurface skin texture to: soften fine lines. lessen acne scars (icepick, boxcar, post-acne hyperpigmentation)

Does Fraxel laser tighten skin?

However, the Fraxel laser is not intended to tighten the skin; it is best for patients with minimal skin laxity who are treating other signs of aging or scarring. Also, like IPL treatment, the Fraxel laser should be avoided by patients who suffer from Melasma.

Is CO2 laser better than Fraxel?

Fractional CO2 laser vs. Either laser can be used to treat acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage, or texture. But Fractional CO2 is our first choice for sun damage, wrinkles, and texture while the Fraxel laser is our first choice for acne scars.

How painful is Fraxel?

The ‘new’ Fraxel is not painful for most patients; a mild prickling sensation can be felt. We ensure patients are comfortable by applying a topical anaesthetic cream before the treatment and the machine now comes with a Zimmer device, which blows chilled air on the skin as the laser works, distracting nerve endings.

How long do the results of Fraxel laser last?

Results are both immediate and progressive. Optimal improvement is usually visible in 2 to 3 months, but the skin can continue to improve for up to a year.

Which is better IPL or Fraxel laser?

It may reduce wrinkles somewhat, but Fraxel is more efficient at reducing wrinkles and fine lines. IPL can shrink pores and remove hair, creating a smoother and healthier skin complexion. Unlike Fraxel, IPL requires many sessions to achieve maximum results, but each session is only $500.

What laser is best for sagging skin?

When it comes to the best laser skin tightening treatment, Thermage and IPL are both excellent options that can provide for firmer, younger looking skin with little to no side effects and zero recovery time.