Does Matt Santos win in the West Wing?

Does Matt Santos win in the West Wing?

Matthew Santos was elected with 272 electoral votes. This was the first race ever where a Latino was elected President. It was also the first election where a major candidate’s vice presidential running mate (Leo McGarry) died on election night.

What happens to Santos in West Wing?

He was reelected in 2010. He was succeeded by Eric Baker as President in 2015. After his presidency, Santos returned to Texas for retirement.

Was Matt Santos supposed to lose?

26. Matt Santos was originally supposed to lose the presidential election to Arnold Vinick in the seventh season. The writers changed their minds after John Spencer, who played Santos’ running mate Leo McGarry, died midway through the season.

Who is Santos McGarry?

Key staff. Santos/McGarry for a Brighter America was the 2006 presidential campaign for the Democratic Party. Its candidate was Representative Matthew Santos from Texas, and his running mate was former White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Labor Leo McGarry from Illinois.

What did Bartletts letter to Santos?

President Bartlet’s letter to President Santos reads as follows: “Dear President Santos: “Congratulations to you and your family. May your wisdom and experience guide you thru the next four years.

Who becomes vice president when Leo dies?

List of Vice Presidents

In office Vice President
January 20, 1999 – May 2, 2003 (resigned from office) John Hoynes
Office vacant: May 2, 2003 – July 2003
July 2003 – January 20, 2007 Robert Russell
Vice President-Elect in 2006, died before inauguration Leo McGarry

Was Vinick meant to win?

The West Wing writers intended Arnold Vinick to win on Election Night. It wasn’t until the death of John Spencer in real life did they decide that Santos should not lose his running mate and the presidency.

How was the West Wing supposed to end?

The seventh season saw Bartlet’s final year in office and the election of his successor, Jimmy Smit’s Matthew Santos. Ending The West Wing as the fictional world transitioned over to a new president provided the series with the perfect wrap-up.

What did Bartletts note to Santos say?