Does OV-chipkaart have app?

Does OV-chipkaart have app?

You can view your travel history in the OV-chipkaart app and My travel history. In your OV travel history, you can create an expenses overview.

Can you top up OV-chipkaart online?

You can load your OV-chipkaart in various ways. Order credit online. Or load your card by purchasing credit at a loading device in the station. If you want to be sure you always have sufficient credit, choose to travel using automatic reloading.

How does the OV chipcard work?

The OV-chipkaart is the payment system for public transport in the Netherlands. You load credit in Euro onto the card or add a travel product such as a monthly pass for commuting or a season ticket. At the start of your journey you check in and at the end you check out again.

How do you top up anonymous OV-chipkaart?

How to top up your balance

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your details and choose the desired amount.
  3. Order your balance.
  4. Check in at a gate or post on your next journey with NS. Your balance is loaded onto your OV-chipkaart immediately.

How do I change the language on NS app?

Search Google Play or the App Store for ‘NS App’. Using this app, you can plan your trip when waiting for your luggage in the baggage hall. To change the language to English tap More > Settings > Language.

How does public transport work in the Netherlands?

The most common way to travel by public transport is with an OV chipcard. An OV chipcard can be bought at stations or tobacco shops. In trams and buses, you can buy a day ticket or disposable chipcard. Please note: you cannot pay cash in many buses and trams.

How do I get an OV-chipkaart in Amsterdam?

Purchasing an OV-chipkaart Either card is purchased at a counter or device, at airports, at stations and at newsagents or supermarkets. You can also purchase a disposable card on the tram and/or bus. Sales points are indicated by the pink OV-chipkaart logo. Find a salespoint nearby your location in the Netherlands.

What is MBO in Netherlands?

Levels of training Secondary vocational education (MBO) prepares students for a wide range of occupations, from franchise manager to mechanic or nursing assistant. Demand for skilled workers is expected to increase sharply on the Dutch job market in the future.

Are trains expensive in Netherlands?

According to 2017 figures from the European Statistical Office Eurostat, public transport in the Netherlands is more expensive than in any of the other 27 countries in the European Union.