Does Regal Princess have a Promenade Deck?

Does Regal Princess have a Promenade Deck?

Cruisedeckplans provides full interactive deck plans for the Regal Princess Promenade deck. Just move your mouse over any stateroom and a pop up will appear with detail information, including a full description and floor layout, and a link to pictures and/or videos.

Was Regal Princess refurbished?

Regal Princess overview. Regal Princess is Royal-class ship from Princess Cruises that was refurbished in 2017. Regal Princess launched in 2014 and was refurbished in 2017.

Which side of the Regal Princess is the sea walk?

starboard side
Located on the starboard side of the 3,560-passenger ship, near its main pool area, the SeaWalk extends nearly 30 feet from the side of the vessel and features glass walls and floors that allow sweeping views.

What is the difference between a balcony and a deluxe balcony on Regal Princess?

Larger than our Standard Balcony staterooms, Premium Deluxe Balcony cabins provide approximately 233 square feet of comfort, and an approximately 41 square foot balcony and includes all the same features of the Balcony stateroom, plus an additional sofa bed for lounging or sleeping a third passenger.

What is the promenade deck on a ship?

Definition of promenade deck : an upper deck or an area on a deck of a passenger ship where passengers stroll.

What deck are the lifeboats on Regal Princess?

On Regal Princess, the lifeboats are on the Promenade Deck which is Deck 7. There are no cabins on this deck, but cabins on the deck above, Emerald Deck, may have obstructed views due to the lifeboats below.

Who owns Regal Princess?

the Carnival Group
Regal Princess is the latest cruise ship in the Princess Cruises fleet owned by the Carnival Group. The vessel is the sister ship of Royal Princess which entered service in June 2013.

Does Regal Princess have kettles in cabins?

Princess Cruises do have kettles in the cabins of their cruise ships on SOME sailings from the UK. Elsewhere in the world kettles are not provided as standard. What is this? Tea and coffee are also available through the complimentary room service, in the buffet, and premium options are available around the ship.

Does the enchanted princess have a sky walk?

At 60 feet long, cantilevered 128 feet above the waves and extending 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship, it affords thrilling vistas of the ever-changing seascape. Just as the Captain can look through glass panels in the floor of the bridge, passengers can now share in that breathtaking experience.

How do you walk on the sea?

About the Activity: Upon your arrival at the beach/Island, meet a PADI certified instructor and then you will be taken to the site for sea walking. Listen to the dos and don’ts of Sea Walk from the instructor. Receive your equipment and necessary Sea Walk Helmet and embark on a dream-like underwater experience.

Are there kettles in cabins on Regal Princess?

There is no kettle, tea, coffee, milk, sugar etc supplied in any cabin on Princess to my knowledge.

Why is it called the promenade deck?

The promenade deck is a deck found on several types of passenger ships and riverboats. It usually extends from bow to stern, on both sides, and includes areas open to the outside, resulting in a continuous outside walkway suitable for promenading, (i.e., walking) thus the name.

What is the top deck of the Regal Princess like?

The top deck of the Regal Princess is the Lawn Deck 19. This deck has an astroturf-type grassy area for miniature golf, putting, bocce ball, croquet, or lawn bowling. Was this page helpful?

What is the Regal Princess Island?

A stage-like island divides the Fountain and Plunge freshwater pools on the Lido deck of the Regal Princess. In the evening, this island becomes part of a sound, light, and dancing fountain show.

Can you play miniature golf at the Regal Princess?

Miniature Golf on the Regal Princess Lawn Deck. The top deck of the Regal Princess is the Lawn Deck 19. This deck has an astroturf-type grassy area for miniature golf, putting, bocce ball, croquet, or lawn bowling.