Does surfing magazine still exist?

Does surfing magazine still exist?

Surfer Magazine, the first major print magazine dedicated to surfing and surf culture and often referred to as “the Bible of our sport”, was closed down by its parent company A360 Media (formerly American Media) on Friday October 2nd 2020.

Will Surfer magazine come back?

“I am writing to inform you that we have regrettably taken the decision to cease publishing Q magazine in a printed and downloadable digital edition format. The last publication will be issue 415, delivered on or around July 28, 2020,” the email read.

What happened to surfing magazine?

In January 2017, the magazine’s owners, TEN: The Enthusiast Network, announced that Surfing Magazine would cease its print edition and its digital assets would be folded into fellow TEN title and longtime competitor Surfer. The last issue of the magazine appeared in January 2017.

Why did Surfer Magazine go out of business?

In an emailed response to questions, a spokesman for A360 Media said that “due to pandemic’s economic impact on the industry and the cancellation of live events, staff furloughs and the suspension of operations for some brands are necessary for the time being.”

What was the last issue of Surfer magazine?

Surfing’s last print edition was in January 2017. At the beginning of 2019, in response to declining ad revenue, SURFER reverted to quarterly publication. The new issue just out, dated Winter 2020, is expected to be the last unless a benefactor emerges to resurrect the publication.

Who owns Surfing magazine?

American Media
American Media (AMI) purchased the magazine in 2019 from TEN: Publishing, a division of Adventure Sports Network (ASN). The magazine’s last editor-in-chief was Todd Prodanovich and its photo editor was Grant Ellis.

Where are the best surf magazines in the world?

1985 Australia “ASL Australian Surfing Life” still in production and “Wave Torque”, Brazil “Costa Sul”, “Staff”, “Surf News”, “Surf Week” and “Visual Surf”, NZ “New Zealand Surfing” still in production, Peru “Revista Tablista” and the USA “Wavelengths”.

What was the first surfing magazine?

Meanwhile in August of 1960 a color covered monthly came on the market titled “Reef”, which lasted for three editions and is one of the most treasured surfing magazines for any collector as a lot of people think this is the first real surfing publication as the Makaha ones were programs.

Is surfing world getting better?

Tom Carroll and Surfing World are both hitting 60 and only getting better. Photo Chris Grundy ONE YEAR ON… HOW IT’S GOING. BY SEAN DOHERTY