Does the federal government equally serve the majority and minority interests today why why not?

Does the federal government equally serve the majority and minority interests today why why not?

No it does not. The Federal Government nowadays is tied up by the rights of the states which are all different.

When James Madison in Federalist #51 writes that ambition must be made to counteract ambition What does he mean how was the constitution designed to facilitate this goal?

In the statement “ambition must be made to counteract ambition”, Madison’s idea was to set up a government that was not ruled by only one person, but rather a series of checks and balances that would give control to different branches in order to represent the best interest of the people.

How do branches resist being controlled by another?

The principle of checks and balances is that each branch has power to limit or check the other two, which creates a balance between the three separate branches of the state. This principle induces one branch to prevent either of the other branches from becoming supreme, thereby securing political liberty.

How does the multiplicity of interests in American society protect the rights of its citizens?

Diversity makes easier that any social group becomes too strong to decide upon the interests of others, hence is the clue to ensure that the state accounts equally for the interests of majorities and minorities.

What are the major disadvantages of federalism?

Disadvantages include: (1) states and local governments compete in “race to the bottom,” (2) federalism does not bring people closer to the government, (3) citizens suffer because of inequalities across states, (4) policies in one state may undermine policies in another state, (5) overlap of responsibilities among …

What part of the Constitution is the supremacy clause?

Article VI

What are two advantages of federalism for the creation of public policy?

The federal government can establish uniform policy, if and when necessary. Multiple access points increase the likelihood of success in policymaking. States can make policy in the absence of national consensus. The federal government is able to distribute necessary resources.

What is Madison’s view of human nature in Federalist 51?

What does James Madison say about human nature in # 51? that “if men were angels, no government would be necessary. Human nature is problematic, the very point of government is to control and work with human nature to provide the best situation for man.