Does Tudor make a Submariner?

Does Tudor make a Submariner?

The final Tudor Submariner reference numbers are the 79090 and the 79190 and belong to the third generation. The ref. 79090 came to market in 1989 and supplanted the models without a date display. This new Submariner features a black or blue dial and a matching bezel.

What is the Tudor version of the Submariner?

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner
Tudor’s Submariner was the brand’s first dive watch. Its official name was the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner. Early references of the Tudor Submariner closely borrowed from an early variation of the Rolex Submariner, the Reference 6538.

What is a Rolex Tudor worth?

Price Range: $8,000-20,000 depending on model and condition Based on the now iconic Rolex Submariner, the Tudor variant was first launched in 1954, one year after Rolex debuted the ref. 6402. In continuous production until 1999, the Submariner is one of the pillars of the Tudor collection.

Is Tudor a cheap brand?

Since its creation, the Tudor brand has always intended to be a more affordable alternative to Rolex. Consequently, there has historically been a significant difference in the watches produced by these two brands – a direct result of Tudor’s lower price point.

Do Tudor watches have Rolex movements?

Tudor’s nowadays use in-house movements. Given that Rolex as a group makes everything itself, that means you’re getting Rolex quality movements, made specifically for Tudor. Again, they’re a little more basic in terms of bells and whistles, but what they do have is just as well-made.

When did Tudor stop using Rolex crowns?

The end of the 1990s was a transitional time for Tudor. For a number of years they had been slowly moving away from using the Rolex name on their watches, using ‘Prince Date’ on dials, omitting the Rolex associated ‘Oyster’ and also moving to Tudor branded winding crowns and case backs.

When did Tudor stop using Rolex bracelets?

Rolex signed bracelets and crowns were part of the Tudor models up to 1990`s.

Does Tudor hold its value?

Tudor, however, is seen as a luxury watch brand. After all, it’s owned by arguably the best-known luxury watchmaker, Rolex. But since Tudor is in a more luxurious segment, they do at least hold some value, and in a few rare instances, they can actually appreciate over time.

Is Tudor worth collecting?

Considering Tudor watches are powered by in-house calibers and feature designs that are incredibly well made, they’re an affordable option, making them a popular choice as a starter watch, or for experienced collectors looking to invest in a watch that will hold its value.