Does Zain work in Jordan?

Does Zain work in Jordan?

Today over 7,200 employees provide a comprehensive range of market-leading mobile voice and data services to a base of over 50.9 million active customers as of March 31, 2022. We operate as Zain in Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and South Sudan.

How do I check my balance on Zain Jordan?

– You can know the number of remaining free minutes via * 116 * 1 # and to know about free internet bundles and messages via * 116 * 2 # or through Zain Jo app.

How can I check my Zain number?

To check your Zain number, dial *144#, then tap the call button. You will get a popup message containing your Zain number.

What is the code for Zain?

​​​​​​​​Service codes

Description​ Code
Local minutes (prepaid) *440#
Zain Services *111#
Change IVR Password *193#
Check Tariff Name *113#

How can I talk to Zain customer care?

Please do not hesitate to contact us through: 1-Zain Customer services by calling 959 or 0590000959 from other operators.

How can I share balance Zain to Zain?

The sender must follow the steps below for a successful balance transfer from Zain prepaid sim to another Zain prepaid sim.

  1. Open a new text message.
  2. Type ‘ BT (space) number to transfer (space) amount of Riyals you want to send. ‘
  3. Send it to 702702.
  4. For example, ‘ BT 0591234567 20 ‘ and send it to 720720.

How can I check my Zain postpaid or prepaid?

How to get this Service:

  1. Direct Link:
  2. SMS. To be able to browse the monthly bill details through SMS, please send BS or BD to 959 as you will receive an SMS contains your bill link.
  3. E-mail.

How can I recharge my Zain internet from main balance?

Zain offers many simple ways to recharge lines, among them is using recharge cards, by dialing *141* followed by the 10 digit ID number, then the 14 digit card number followed by # and pressing the dial button. This will automatically charge their lines.

How can I check my data balance in Zain postpaid?

– To check your remaining data balance, send BC to 959.

How can I check my Zain postpaid sim or prepaid?

How can I talk to Zain customer care Bahrain?

Tel: 00973-17108834.

How can I check my Zain postpaid SIM or prepaid?