How big is the canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage?

How big is the canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage?

At the second Rampage venue, the star attraction was the infamous Canyon Gap, a 60-plus-foot (18-plus-metres) behemoth that gave nightmares to competitors.

Where is Red rampage?

Virgin, Utah
Virgin, Utah, United States The premier big-mountain freeride event in the sport, Red Bull Rampage, is ready to return in 2021.

How do you get to the Red Bull Rampage?

The venue is accessible by hiking or biking into the venue or by shuttle for Shuttle Pass ticket holders. Parking will be located at Wristband Pick-Up at the Corner of Hwy 9 and Camino Del Rio, Virgin, UT 84779. After receiving credentials at Wristband Pick-Up, there’s a 2-mile dirt road to the venue.

How long does Red Bull Rampage go for?

Generally there are three days of just digging at Rampage and an additional four days for the riders to get on their bikes to test lines and jumps. In those latter four days, they can continue to dig and reshape lines.

What is the biggest drop in Red Bull Rampage?

The 76-foot step-down — 2014/15 In 2014, Graham Agassiz and Andreu Lacondeguy teamed up to build what may be the highest scoring and most impressive line in Rampage history.

Is Kelly McGarry dead?

February 1, 2016Kelly McGarry / Date of death

How much money does the winner of Red Bull Rampage get?

Prize fund: $100,000.

Who won Red Bull Rampage?

Brandon Semenuk
From RedBull: Brandon Semenuk made Red Bull Rampage history on Friday when he edged out three-time champion Kurt Sorge to claim his fourth title and become the first to win back-to-back Rampages, as fans and riders alike celebrated 20 years of freeride history.

How much do you get for winning Red Bull Rampage?

Since its inception, Red Bull Rampage has become one of the biggest events in the Freeride mountainbiking (FMB) calendar. At the first ever Rampage in 2001, the prize money for the event was $8,000. In 2015, the total prize fund was $100,000.

How big is the windrock Red Bull drop?

With 550 acres and 9 trails with a 2150′ drop, you will not be disappointed! It boasts the gnarliest terrain.