How can I recharge Ncell for free?

How can I recharge Ncell for free?

Dial *102*PIN number of recharge card# and then press the call button. Dial 90012 and then enter the PIN number of your recharge card.

How can I get loan in Ncell?

How to take a loan/Saapati in Ncell?

  1. Go to your mobile call and dial *9988# (USSD method) Using USSD method, you need to dial *9988# on your mobile.
  2. You will get several options for loan Saapati like Balance, Data, and Voice.
  3. Get a confirmation for successful loan transfer in Ncell.
  4. Confirm the balance or packages.

How can I retrieve my Ncell recharge card?

You can call 9005 and provide the serial number of damaged card and atleast 4 digits from the visible PIN number….Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Type *102* fullowed by 16 digit recharge card pin no and press # then dial.
  2. SMS recharge PIN number to 90012.
  3. Use Ncell App/E-care.

How can I extend my Ncell expiry date?

Try *903# for Ncell SIM expire date check. Inserted the Ncell sim card into my phone yesterday and it was working fine.

How can I get 1GB free data in Ncell?

Ncell launches new version of Ncell App to empower customers

  1. 1GB data for free to customers who download the self-service app for the first time.
  2. Easy online rechange, voice and data packs subscription.
  3. Facility for registering complaints.
  4. Service activation and deactivation facility.

How can I recharge my number in Nepal?

There are just 4 simple steps; Enter Number, Select Operator, Select or fill the amount details & click on Recharge and Payment. The service allows everyone to add funds through bank accounts using e-banking service.

What is Ncell loan code?

Ncell Saapati – Dial *9988# and get instant balance refill worth Rs. 20 and pay back later. You can get the loan of Rs. 20 when your balance is Rs.

How can I buy MB in Ncell?

To take the data pack in Ncell from the USSD code, you need to follow the following methods. Dial *17123# on the keypad and make a call. The call is automatically redirected to the Ncell data pack buying service. Choose any one of the data pack with a validity period of your desire and click send.

How can I check Ncell balance?

Procedure to check the balance in Ncell SIM

  1. From USSD, you need to dial either *101# or *901# and press call to get the balance on your screen.
  2. From SMS, you need to send a blank message or any text to 90011.
  3. From calling an IVR service, you need to call 9001 and dial 1 for the balance.

Does ncell SIM expire?

If you do not use the number for six months, the number goes to Pre-deactivate state. In order to reactivate the number, you can visit nearby Ncell center or Ncell Shop with the valid original document. Reactivation charge is Rs. 100.”

How do I activate my ncell SIM card?

Please dial *17129# and follow the instruction to activate the required packs. Recharge account – to recharge the account, customer needs to dial *102* followed by the Recharge PIN Number# and then press the dialing key.