How can I write letter to BBMP in English?

How can I write letter to BBMP in English?

Dear Sir, My name is (Your name) a resident of (Any Colony Name). I am writing this letter to complain you about litter problem in our neighborhood. The main problem is rubbish collecting van does not come regularly, because of this, the litter is heavily being deposited on the road.

How do I write a municipal letter?

[Name of the municipality] Sir, I, on behalf of the residents of [Name of the post office] of word number [word no-] draw your attention to [Name of the Topic] in your entire municipal area. I, therefore, request you to take proper steps to improve immediately [Name of the Topic] in the entire municipality.

How do I write a complaint letter to municipal?

Subject: Worse Condition of Roads in (Area name) Area. Sir, I would like to bring to your kind attention the dismal condition of roads in our locality, Our Area (Name…) and (District Name…). The roads in this region are broken at a lot of places. There is no smooth run for that transport.

How do I complain to BBMP?

Contact Information

  1. Phone: 080-22660000.
  2. Address: N.R Square, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002, India.
  3. Email:

What is the full form of BBMP?

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), is the administrative body responsible for civic amenities and some infrastructural assets of the Greater Bengaluru metropolitan area. It is the fourth largest Municipal Corporation in India being responsible for a population of 6.8 million in an area of 741 km2.

How do I write a cleanliness letter?

May I draw your kind attention towards negligence of our municipal corporations for not solving our cleanliness related issue of of our area ( xxxx Road ) . We are facing this problem for many days. Last year the street was cleaned properly. But for several months it has not been cleaned during recent time.

How do you write a formal letter in English?

Follow an official letter format when writing formal letters

  1. 1) Include your name and contact information.
  2. 2) Include the recipient’s name and address.
  3. 3) Include the date.
  4. 4) Use the right salutation.
  5. 5) Create the body of your formal letter.
  6. 6) Close the letter with a formal sign-off.
  7. 7) Add your signature.

What is PID number in BBMP?

The PID Number is a combination of Ward number- Street Number-Plot number. A unique street number has been assigned to each and every Street and within the street a property number has been assigned .

Who runs BBMP?

BBMP is run by a city council composed of elected representatives, called “corporators”, one from each of the wards (localities) of the city. The elections to the council are held once every five years, with results being decided by popular vote.

Did you know BBMP has corrected the Bruhat Bangaluru scheme?

I have come to know this was corrected by BBMP (as per a report in The Times of India). Following is the text of the letter. Congratulations to the BBMP team in trying their level best to create a standardised procedure in collecting data and the property tax from every property owner coming under the Bruhat Bangaluru scheme.

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