How did Montresor kill Fortunato?

How did Montresor kill Fortunato?

How does Montresor kill Fortunato? He gets Fortunato down into his wine cellar and then he chains him to the wall. When he is chained, he builds a brick wall around him. He will, presumably, die of lack of water in a few days.

Why does Montresor choose the carnival?

He chooses Carnival as the time to carry out the murder because he knows people will be drinking and having fun. He makes sure his servants will not be in the house, so no one will see Fortunato coming into his house. He think that fortunato has insulted him because made a fool himself.

What can we infer about Montresor’s character?

Outwardly, it would appear that Montresor is a wealthy man who occupies an elite social status. He lives in a palazzo, he has servants, and his extensive catacombs suggest that he comes from a large, revered family. If Montresor were as wealthy as many suggest, the Amontillado’s price would not be a concern.

Does Montresor express any regret or ever question whether?

Does Montresor express any regret or ever question whether this punishment is fair, just, or rational? What does your answer tell you about Montresor’s character? He thinks he’s superior than him. No, he never does.

Why does Montresor want revenge on Fortunato?

Montresor sought revenge on Fortunato because he had hurt Montresor for years, and now he has insulted him, and it has come to the final straw. He states he has a famous bottle of Amontillado, and wants him to look at it, so he gets Fortunato drunk enough to go down into the catacombs where Montresor can kill him.

What is Fortunato fatal flaw?

Fortunato’s affinity for wine and his excessive pride are also significant character flaws that lead to his demise. His excessive pride and affinity for wine also contribute to his terrible decision to follow Montresor deep into his family’s catacombs. Fortunato is addicted to wine.

What is ironic about Fortunato’s name?

The irony that lies behind Fortunato’s name is that the basic root word of his name is “Fortun” as in fortune, indicating luck, success or prosperity when Fortunato is the actual victim in the story of “The Cask of Amontillado.” Fortunato is anything but lucky or fortunate in the story, as he is deceived into trusting …

Why did Amontillado kill Fortunato?

Why did Montresor decide to kill Fortunato? He decided to kill him because he insulted him. Montresor knows Fortunato won’t miss a chance to tatse the rare Amontillado wine.