How do I contact an Official Receiver?

How do I contact an Official Receiver?

You can contact the Insolvency Service helpline using our online contact form or phoning 0300 678 0015….3.1 Contact details for Official Receiver offices.

Office location Email address
Debt Relief Order enquiries [email protected] 0300 678 0015
Public Interest Unit [email protected] 0300 678 0016

What is the Official Receiver UK?

An officer of the Insolvency Service of the United Kingdom, an official receiver (OR) is an officer of the court to which they are attached. The OR is answerable to the courts for carrying out the courts’ orders and for fulfilling their duties under law.

How much is the Official Receiver’s deposit?

48.9 Official Receiver’s general fee The official receiver’s general fee is a fixed single fee of £6,000 charged to the estate on making of bankruptcy or winding up order. It is for administration costs not recovered out of the official receiver’s administration fee.

How do I contact the Insolvency Service?

Contact details

  1. Insolvency Service Insolvency Enquiry Line.
  2. Public phone: 0300 678 0015.
  3. Email: [email protected].
  4. Website URL:
  5. Service offered: Information about insolvency legislation eg bankruptcy, liquidation.
  6. Target group: General public.

Who is an official receiver how he is appointed?

The court may appoint the official receiver to be receiver on behalf of a debenture holder or other creditor where the company is already in compulsory liquidation. A court appointed receiver is personally liable for his/her acts and omissions and, as a result, may be required by the court to provide adequate security.

Who is an Official Receiver how he is appointed?

Who appoints an Official Receiver?

The official receiver is a civil servant employed by the Insolvency Service to act as the provisional liquidator in cases of compulsory liquidation. In voluntary liquidations, an insolvency practitioner is appointed by a company’s directors or creditors to act on their behalf.

Who pays the Official Receiver?

In practice official receivers have been required by the court to pay the fee on these applications. Applications under section 310 IA86 for income payments orders (including variations or discharge of IPO). Applications can only be made by the trustee.

What does the official receiver investigate?

The official receiver has a duty to investigate the affairs and causes of failure of a company, and the conduct of the directors or others concerned in the management of the company.

What can you claim from the Insolvency Service?

Claiming for redundancy, unpaid wages and holiday pay You can apply as soon as you’ve been made redundant. The person dealing with the insolvency (the ‘insolvency practitioner’ or ‘official receiver’) will give you a ‘CN’ (case reference) number. You cannot claim without the CN number.

How do you appoint a receiver?

Both positions of receiver and manager within a company are generally appointed by a secured creditor through powers contained in a mortgage or loan. A company receiver and manager is usually appointed by a secured creditor under the powers contained in a secured loan or mortgage.