How do I contact Baxi?

How do I contact Baxi?

Baxi Customer Support: 0344 879 7948 If you need to speak to our technical helpline or require a priority call-out from a Baxi Customer Support engineer, call this number, and we are here to help.

Is Baxi a British company?

Who is Baxi? Baxi is a part of the Netherlands based BDR Thermea Group, with their headquarters based in Apeldoorn. Baxi has been manufacturing in the UK since 1866. The BDR Thermea Group operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, employing over 6,400 people and has annual sales of close to €1.7 billion.

What is the lifespan of a Baxi boiler?

10 to 15 years
Your boiler should last from 10 to 15 years if you have it serviced annually and look after it properly.

How do I Repressurise my Baxi boiler?

Use a rigid loop to repressurise your combi boiler. For this, you will need to look underneath the boiler. Then, remove the screws from the end caps with turning it anti-clockwise. You can also use a wrench or spanner if you find it difficult to turn and unscrew it.

Are Baxi and Potterton the same company?

Nowadays, Potterton are part of Baxi Heating (another top UK boiler brand), and Baxi in turn, are part of BDR Thermea Group.

Why is my boiler not giving me heating?

There are a lot of reasons why your boiler may not be working. Some Common fixes include a frozen condenser pipe, no gas to the boiler, pressure being too low, a leak on your existing system, faulty controller and more.

Why is my boiler not calling for heat?

There are a variety of reasons why your boiler may not be working; common examples include the boiler pressure being too low or too high, a power cut, gas supply issues, a faulty pilot light, a frozen condensate pipe, faulty internal components or a more complex issue.

Which is better Baxi or Vaillant?

Baxi system boilers are available with lengthier warranties than Vaillant models (7-10 years compared to 5 years), but the ecoTEC Plus and ecoFIT Pure ranges from Vaillant are slightly more efficient units.

Who is Baxi owned by?

BDR Thermea Group
BDR Thermea Group reported a turnover of EUR 1.8 billion in 2020 and operates under renowned international market-leading brands, including De Dietrich, Baxi, Remeha, Brötje, Chappée and Baymak.

How often should a combi boiler be replaced?

around 15 years
The average boiler lasts around 15 years if well maintained and although a yearly service can improve the lifespan, an older boiler has to work harder to heat your home. If your boiler needs replacing it could be costing you more money as the energy efficiency is reduced and there is a danger that they are not safe.

How long does a Baxi Bermuda back boiler last?

They really were built to last, giving over 25 years of faithful service, compared to the 10-15 years of service you can expect from a decent combi. If you still have a back boiler then there’s a good chance you have an insanely popular Baxi Bermuda back boiler, these back boilers dominated the market back in the day.

Who are Baxi customer support?

Welcome to Baxi Customer Support. We are an award-winning service division and are here to provide support for the lifetime of your boiler. If your boiler breaks down, don’t worry we are here to help whether your boiler is still under warranty or not.

How do I get in touch with Baxi?

If you need support with a Baxi boiler, call Baxi Customer Support on 0344 871 1525. For all other enquiries, use our contact form and we will get back to you. Notice

Does Baxi use cookies on the website?

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How do I contact Baxi project hub?

If you have a question about using Baxi Project Hub, you can contact us via email [email protected] or call 0345 120 1033. For information about our range of products, visit, alternatively, your Business Development Manager is on hand to help with any aspect of your project and you can find their details here.