How do I fix No Assistant results?

How do I fix No Assistant results?

In order to fix this:

  1. Click the View Controller you are having issues with.
  2. Click on the ID card (The Identity Inspector) in the inspector pane.
  3. Under Custom Class, next to class, type in the class you want to connect it too.
  4. Then save your project and close it out.
  5. Reopen your project.

How do I open attribute inspector in Xcode?

Open View -> Inspectors -> Select Show Attributes Inspector .

Where is the identity inspector in Xcode?

To fix the problem, we select the button we’ve added to the view, open the Identity Inspector by clicking the window icon at the top of the Xcode Utility area or by choosing View, Utilities, Show Identity Inspector (Option+Command+3), and then use the drop-down menu/field to enter the class that we really want …

Where is the identity inspector Xcode 12?

Identity Inspector ⌥ — ⌘ — 4 This is an incredibly important inspector when you are creating your user interfaces using the Storyboard.

How do I show the assistant editor in Xcode 11?

You can open the editor from the Xcode menu Editor -> Assisant . Nowadays, the Assistant Editor is more seen as just a second editor next to the primary editor.

How do I change the Assistant view in Xcode?

To change how the Assistant Editor displays in the Xcode interface, choose View, Assistant Editor, as shown in Figure 6.19. From there, you can choose how the Assistant Editor is added to the display and what will happen if multiple Assistant Editors are in use.

What is the use of attribute inspector in Xcode?

This XMetaL view lets you inspect the attributes on each element and set them to the values that you require. Attributes let you specify information on everything from xref targets to the audience language.

How do I inspect code in Xcode?

The Xcode toolbar contains the most basic controls you need to start debugging. Run button. Click to build and run. Click and hold to select other actions (Run, Test, Profile, Analyze) from a menu.

Is Xcode initial view controller?

In Xcode 6.2, there is no longer an “Is Initial View Controller” checkbox in the attributes inspector. Instead, you set the initial view controller by adding the Storyboard Entry Point found in the Object Library.

How do I enable assistant editor in Xcode?

You can open the ‘Assistant Editor’ in Xcode by clicking the button with two circles in the top right, or via View > Assistant Editor > Show Assistant Editor.

How do I show the assistant editor in Xcode 12?

What is the use of assistance editor in Xcode?

The Assistant Editor in Xcode is a second editor that automatically displays files that Xcode determines are most helpful to you based on the work you are performing in the primary editor. It’s been used a lot in the Objective-C days where MyClass.