How do I identify my Thetford toilet?

How do I identify my Thetford toilet?

Using the data sticker to identify your Thetford toilet model. If you are not sure which model toilet you have, you will find a data sticker attached to the base of the toilet beneath the waste holding tank. The model number will be printed at the beginning above the barcode – as shown below.

How do you fill a Thetford cassette C200 toilet?

Set up!

  1. Go outside and remove the waste holding tank from your caravan.
  2. Remove the yellow cap from the tap.
  3. Add 2 litres of water to your tank by pouring it in through the top of the tap.
  4. Add your chemicals to the tank.

How do you disassemble a Thetford toilet?

To gain access to the back bolt, lift up the seat and cover and remove the access hole, which should be located on top of the hopper. Then use a 12-inch extension with a universal and a 12-inch deep-well socket to remove the rear nut. Lift the Thetford toilet straight up off the closet flange.

How much does a Thetford cassette toilet hold?

The tank has a capacity of 7 litres and is easy to fill. Low in weight Weighs up to 30 % less than a ceramic toilet.

How do I find the model of my RV toilet?

The model number is inside under the toilet. Most common are model 300 (plastic) or 310(ceramic). It’s usually down near the floor, behind the bowl.

How much water do you put in a Thetford toilet?

Dose 150 ml per 20L waste-holding tank capacity. Add 2-3L of water to ensure optimal performance of the toilet.

How do you remove Thetford c2 cassette toilet?

Hi Rappy, The toilet is screwed to the floor through the bottom of the cassette apeture, remove the cassette and you will see four screws, remove these, cut round any silicone sealant on the inside, then you need to lift the toilet straight up to lift off a bracket that should be fastened to the rear wall.

How long does a cassette toilet last?

Do you have more than one traveler? A 5-gallon cassette toilet from SereneLife for example will last about 50 flushes. Having access to dump stations on a frequent basis might lead you to a smaller toilet setup.

What is a Thetford C200 toilet?

The Thetford C-200 is a permanent, swivel bowl toilet for caravans and motor homes. This Cassette Toilet has its own flush water tank which is re-filled from outside as required. The C-200 models are equipped with a toilet bowl that can revolve 180 degrees on the toilet base.

What is a C200-cassette toilet?

C200: One of the great Thetford inventions – The Cassette Toilet! Its removable waste-holding tank makes it the ultimate sanitary solution for your caravan or motor home. Don’t settle for less and get the best. Are you looking for a specific spare part? For the C200-CWE there are various spare parts available.

What size water pump do I need for Thetford cassette toilets?

Water pump 12v for Thetford cassette toilets. Situated below the toile Thetford Seat raiser makes it easier to sit down and stand up. Raise

Is there a pressure relief valve for Thetford cassette toilets?

Pressure relief valve for Thetford Cassette Toilets. Includes the Aut Thetford Manual Pump for model C200, swivel casette toilet. Replacemen Automatic Vent Assembly for Thetford Cassette with outside vent.