How do I pair my speakers?

How do I pair my speakers?

  1. Step 1: Put the speaker in pairing mode. Switch on the speaker and long press the Bluetooth button on the device.
  2. Step 2: Switch on Bluetooth on mobile phone. Go to settings in your phone (both Android and iOS) and select the Bluetooth settings option.
  3. Step 3: Wait for the phone to connect.

How do you pair a waterproof Bluetooth speaker?

Turn Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Discovery Mode On If you are using a smartphone, go into your phone’s settings and click the Bluetooth option, which should make the devices visible to one another. Once the devices have found one another, you should be able to pair the devices and enjoy your music instantaneously.

How do I turn up my FZ 07 speaker?

Push and hold fast forward button , it will beep several times. The speaker will get very loud. 9 of 9 found this helpful.

How do you sync a Bluetooth speaker?

What to Know

  1. Put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode by pressing and holding the Power button or Pairing button.
  2. iPhone: Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Other devices. Tap the device to connect.
  3. Android: Go to Settings > Connected devices > Bluetooth. Select Pair new device and then tap the speaker’s name.

How do you sync a shower speaker?

Using your mobile phone or other Bluetooth device to pair with the Bluetooth speaker Activate the Bluetooth speaker’s pairing mode by having it completely powered off, pressing and holding the ON/OFF button for 6 seconds or so until the red LED and blue LED flash in succession.

How do I reset my Bluetooth Shower speaker?

Press and hold button and at the same time. The device is reset and will turn off automatically. 3. After that, turn on the Bluetooth Speaker by press and hold button Note: Do not reset the device if it is in properly working.

How do you use Bluetooth mini speakers?

Here are few easy steps to connect and use your Bluetooth speakers:

  1. Steps to connect Bluetooth speaker.
  2. Put the speaker in pairing mode.
  3. Switch on Bluetooth on mobile phone.
  4. Wait for the phone to connect.
  5. Connect and Play music.

How do you charge a mini portable wireless speaker?

3 Using the Battery Bank

  1. Press the Power button to turn on the speaker. The power button will light up white.
  2. Lift the rubber flap to expose the audio, charging, and USB ports of your speaker.
  3. Plug your USB cable into the USB Type B port on the speaker and the other end into the device you want to charge.

What is M on Bluetooth speaker?

M(ode) Button Use this button to toggle between Bluetooth/AUX modes. When using wired connection for multiple speakers, press and hold this button to synchronize sound. Note: When playing music from a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth mode is always given priority.