How do I reach Hilton customer service?

How do I reach Hilton customer service?

If you dial this number and don’t get service, refer to your country’s number in the charts….Global support numbers.

Region Number
U.S. & Canada (includes USVI & Puerto Rico) 888-4HONORS (888-446-6677)
TDDY / TTY + 1-833-456-3244

How do I speak to a Hilton representative?

For phone and email assistance, dial 800/445-8667 and ask for Guest Assistance, or access its online form here. To complain through social media, shoot a message to the Hilton Facebook page or tweet @HiltonHelp. Representatives are on both channels 24/7 and tend to respond within an hour.

How do you get Hilton Free Night 5?

Booking a fifth night free is hassle free. Sign into your Hilton account and select a stay of five nights or more. You’ll automatically get the fifth-night-free discount. Remember, only folks who have Silver, Gold, or Diamond elite status can use this perk.

How do I complain about Hilton hotels?

Hilton complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Care on 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667)
  2. Visit Customer Care Contact Form.
  3. Email Christopher Nassetta (CEO) on
  4. Email Customer Care on
  5. Call Hilton Worldwide Headquarters on 703 883 1000.
  6. Follow Hilton.
  7. Follow Hilton.

How do I email the CEO of Hilton?

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

  1. 7930 Jones Branch Drive. McLean, VA 22102.
  2. Primary Contact.
  3. Secondary Contact.
  4. Chief Executive.
  5. Another possible email address for Nassetta:
  6. Hilton also has a dedicated email for its chief executive:
  7. Alternate phone number for CEO: (703) 883-1011.

Does Hilton Honors have a chat?

Customer service team of Hilton offers the following support channels: live chat, call center, social media support.

Is Hampton Inn part of Hilton?

Hampton by HiltonĀ® is the industry’s leading upper-midscale brand. Every Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites is committed to the 100% Hampton Guaranteeā„¢ providing an exceptional guest experience and consistent, high-quality accommodations and amenities.

Does Hilton have 4th night free?

Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors and IHG Rewards don’t allow members to mix hotel points and free night certificates to get a fourth or fifth night free. But, you may be able to extend your fourth or fifth-night free award booking by using a free night certificate on either end of your stay.

How many nights do you have to stay at Hilton to get a free night?

5 nights
Silver, Gold and Diamond Elite Members will get every 5th night free when booking a Standard Room Reward Stay of 5 nights or more using all Points (up to four free nights on a stay of 20 consecutive nights).

What does Hilton do about complaints?

The hotel must respond to guest complaints and/or inquiries within 48 hours of receiving the complaint/inquiry. (Failure to respond within 48 hours will result in Guest Assistance resolving the complaint and billing the hotel the cost of compensation plus an intervention fee based on the guest’s HHonors status).

How do I complain to Hilton UK?

Hilton Hotels & Resorts (UK) complaints contacts

  1. Visit Customer Services.
  2. Email Christopher Nassetta (CEO) on
  3. Email Customer Services on
  4. Call Customer Support on 0207 856 8000.
  5. Tweet Hilton Hotels & Resorts (UK) Customer Services.