How do I reset my CoreSense?

How do I reset my CoreSense?

The primary way of clearing the code and resetting the ALERT or TRIP/LOCK is to cycle the power to the module by disengaging the COMMON (C) Terminal. This will not clear the seven day operating history contained in the module memory. It will only clear the present ALERT or TRIP/LOCK and allow for normal operation.

What is a CoreSense module?

CoreSense Technology from Emerson. With CoreSense, compressors are equipped with protection modules that keep an eye on critical system parameters —shutting down compressors operating in false conditions, resetting them when conditions have stabilized or generating alerts to request maintenance.

How to reset comfort ALERT Diagnostics?

The manual method to reset an Alert code is to cycle the power to Comfort Alert off and on. For automatic reset, Comfort Alert continues to monitor the compressor and system after an Alert is detected. If conditions return to normal, the Alert code is turned off automatically.

What is core sense?

CoreSense technology uses the compressor as a sensor to unlock information from within the compressor providing value added features such as advanced motor protection, diagnostics, power consumption measurement and communication.

How do you reset Emerson Comfort Alert?

What is Copeland CoreSense?

CoreSense™ Protection technology for Copeland Discus™ compressors is a system of algorithms read off an electronic module, installed on the compressor, that offers a combination of oil and motor protection as well as optional protection against high discharge temperatures and communication compatibility with MODBUS …

What does a comfort alert do?

By monitoring and analyzing data from the Copeland Scroll® compressor and the thermostat demand, Comfort Alert can accurately detect the cause of electrical and system related failures without any sensors.

What does Compressor protector trip mean?

Flash Code 3 – Compressor Protector Trip This could be due to the compressor’s internal overload protector being open, fuse or breaker open, power disconnected to compressor contactor, compressor power wiring not run through Digital Compressor Controller current transformer port or a compressor contactor failure.

What causes compressor protector trip?

What is a comfort alert?

Comfort Alert is a breakthrough innovation for troubleshooting heat pump and air conditioning system failures. The module easily installs in the electrical box of the outdoor unit near the compressor contactor.