How do I restore a VM from Data Protector?

How do I restore a VM from Data Protector?

From Data Protector 8.11 onwards, only the selected disks are read and restored….Restore using the Data Protector CLI

  1. Log in to any client with the Data Protector User Interface component installed.
  2. Open the command prompt and change to the directory in which the omnir command is located.
  3. Execute:

Can you recover a deleted virtual machine?

You can restore a deleted VM from a datastore primary or secondary backup. You can restore a VM to the same ESX server or to a different one.

How do I restore a VM from Avamar?


  1. In the vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client, ensure that the target virtual machine is powered off.
  2. In Avamar Administrator, click Backup & Restore.
  3. Click the Restore tab.
  4. Select a virtual machine client or VMware container.
  5. Select a backup.
  6. Click Browse for Image Restore directly above the contents pane.

How do I restore a VM to a previous state?


  1. Select Virtual Machine > Snapshots.
  2. Select the snapshot to restore.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. Click either Save to save a snapshot of the current state before you restore the virtual machine to the selected snapshot state, or Don’t Save a snapshot.

How do I backup my virtual machine data?

To back up the virtual machine:

  1. Ensure your virtual machine is in a powered off state.
  2. Locate the virtual machine folder.
  3. Right-click the virtual machine folder and click Copy.
  4. Navigate to the folder in which you want to store the backup, right-click anywhere within the folder, and click Paste.

What is DPM in VMware?

VMware® Distributed Power Management (VMware DPM) provides additional power savings beyond this initial benefit by dynamically consolidating workloads even further during periods of low resource utilization. Virtual machines are migrated onto fewer hosts and the un-needed ESX hosts are powered off.

How do I restore a VM from NetBackup?

Restoring the full VMware virtual machine

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, click Backup, Archive, and Restore.
  2. Click Actions > Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type.
  3. Specify the following:
  4. Click OK.
  5. For the Restore type, select Virtual Machine Backups.

How do I recover a deleted VM in Hyper V?

How to restore deleted VM on Hyper-V

  1. Launch Hyper-V Manager and connect to your server.
  2. On Specify Name and Location page, provide a Name for the VM, and leave the Store the virtual machine in a different location option unchecked.
  3. On Specify Generation page, select the generation your deleted VM was in.

How do I restore Avamar backup server?


  1. Launch and log in to the Avamar Administrator console.
  2. Click Backup and Restore launch.
  3. Select the Restore tab.
  4. Expand vCenter server client and click Virtual Machines.
  5. Select the client that contains the files that you want to restore.
  6. Select the date to use when restoring the files.

What is avamar instant access?

Instant Access (IA) is similar to restoring an image backup to a new virtual machine, except that the restored, virtual machine can be booted directly from the Data Domain system. This reduces the amount of time required to restore an entire virtual machine.

How do you backup a VM?

How long does an Azure VM restore take?

10 to 30 minutes
Azure doesn’t overwrite a backed-up VM; instead, it creates a new VM from the backed-up VM’s disk or disks. The restoration will take 10 to 30 minutes depending on its size.

What is the HP Data Protector?

It provides cross-platform, backup of data for Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems. This blog will explain and walk you through how to install and configure a HP Data Protector setup in order to establish a proof of concept for testing purposes.

What is Micro Focus HP Data Protector?

HP Data Protector (Micro Focus) software is an automated backup and recovery software supporting disk storage or tape storage targets. It provides cross-platform, backup of data for Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems.

How to perform backup and restore operations from cell manager?

Check the Disk Agent and Media Agent and start the installation. After the installation completes, the client will appear in the client lists and we will be able to perform backup and restore operations on it from the Cell Manager.