How do I run reports in Eaglesoft?

How do I run reports in Eaglesoft?

  1. From the Practice Management Screen in Eaglesoft, Select Reports | Quick Reports.
  2. Select the Quick Report description | Edit Report.
  3. Select a Report Included in the Quick Report batch | Edit Filter or Remove it.
  4. Select OK to save changes.

Is Eaglesoft easy to learn?

Eaglesoft is relatively easy to learn and most PM functions work well. Clinical staff seems to have little trouble with it. The look and feel is user friendly for the most part. Support is relatively responsive.

How do I create a patient chart in Eaglesoft?

Double click directly on the schedule where you’d like to appoint the new patient. This will open a Patient Appointment screen. In the upper left corner, double click on the blue, underlined word “Patient”. A Patient List screen will appear, click the “New” button.

How do you do end of year in Eaglesoft?

From the Activities Menu, choose Process End-of-Year. Select the checkboxes associated with the reports you wish to print, they will default to being checked. Select OK. The prompt ‘All report data will be reset after EOY is processed.

How do I run an aging report in eaglesoft?

How do I run the outstanding insurance aging report in Dentrix, OpenDental, and Eaglesoft?

  1. Go to the Office Manager Tab in Dentrix.
  2. Then go to “Reports” at the top left of the screen in the toolbar area.
  3. Select “Ledger”
  4. Select “Insurance Aging Report”
  5. If you are trying to get a baseline.

Can eaglesoft be cloud based?

Eaglesoft Cloud based Dental Management Software The system is hosted on-premises, and includes various features including; imaging, clinical charting, billing, periodontal templates, and much more.

What is eaglesoft fast check in?

The Fast CheckIn feature is a kiosk-style check-in center designed to permit patients to enter registration information directly into the system unassisted. The information inputted into the computer system by patients will then automatically update into their Eaglesoft patient records.

What is a patient aging report?

In medical billing, the term A/R aging report refers to the report showing outstanding insurance claims and patient balances. The report not only shows the unpaid invoice but also shows the number of days they were paid in.

What does a insurance claims Aging report tell you?

Aging reports are reports that show outstanding insurance claims and patient balances.. Along with the unpaid invoice, this report also shows the number of days they were paid in and the length of time the amounts have been unpaid.

How do I start a Patterson assistant server?

Database Server Engine – Starting and Stopping

  1. Double Click the Patterson Server Icon in the System Tray.
  2. Select Start Server in the bottom left Corner of the Patterson Server Status Window.
  3. Ensure all Icons (except Patterson Assistant Server) are green. Patterson Image Server is available in Eaglesoft 21.20 and above.