How do I setup my Netgear DG834G?

How do I setup my Netgear DG834G?

Configure the wireless network (Netgear DG834G)

  1. If you are not already logged into the modem open a web browser, enter in the address bar and log in with the following details:
  2. Click Wireless Settings in the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Configure the Wireless Settings as follows:

Can Netgear DG834G be used as a repeater?

I’m using a pair of DG834N’s with one as access point and the second as repeater. The set up seems to work ok. The configuration is detailed in the thread called ‘DG834N as repeater’. The drawbacks are having to use WEP rather than WAP and slower b&g rather than n.

How do I reset my Netgear DG834G?

To perform a factory reset on your DGN2000 or DG834Gv5 router:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the Wireless On/Off and WPS buttons for about six seconds until the Power LED blinks red.
  2. Release the Wireless On/Off and WPS buttons and wait for the router to reboot. The factory default settings are restored.

How do I configure my ADSL modem as a router?

How do I setup my ADSL router for Internet Access?

  1. Type – Set the connection Type to PPPoA.
  2. Name – Type in the name for theconnection.
  3. Options – Enable the NAT and Firewalloptions.
  4. Encapsulation – set to VC.
  5. Username – Type in the ISP login username.
  6. Password – Type in the login password.
  7. Keep alive – leave default.

How do I use my adsl2 modem as a WiFi router?

Power on your router and computer first and then modem.

  1. Log into the router’s web-based management page.
  2. Configure WAN Connection Type.
  3. Enter your PPPoE username and password which are provided by your ISP.
  4. Click Save to save your settings, then the router will connect to Internet after a while.

How do I use my Netgear modem router as a router only?

How to set the cable modem/router to be on modem only

  1. Access the router interface (,, 192.168. 0.1).
  2. Enter the modem router user name and password. The user name is admin. The default password is password.
  3. Proceed to Advance tab and click on Administration then Router Mode.

How do I setup a NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender?

To set up your extender:

  1. Plug in your extender.
  2. Connect your computer or mobile device to the extender’s WiFi network.
  3. Launch a web browser and enter or 192.168.
  4. Click or tap NEW EXTENDER SETUP.
  5. Choose your extender’s admin credentials.
  6. Select and answer two security questions from the drop-down menus.

How do I connect my Wi-Fi extender to my router?

Plug your Range Extender into a power outlet near your main Router/AP. 2. Push the WPS button on your main Router/AP first, then immediately push the WPS button on your Range Extender. Note1: After you have pushed WPS button of your Router/AP, you need to push WPS button of your Range Extender within 2 minutes.

What do I need to set up a Netgear DG834G VPN?

You must provide the pre-shared key that you configured in the DG834G v4 and either a fixed IP address or a fixed virtual IP address of the VPN client PC. Figure B-18 ADSL2+ Modem Wireless Router DG834G Reference Manual B-18 NETGEAR VPN Configuration v2.0, September 2007 a.

What kind of router is DG834G?

About the Modem Router The 54 Mbps ADSL Modem Wireless Router Model DG834G provides continuous, high-speed 10/100 Ethernet access between your Ethernet devices. With minimum setup, you can install and use the modem router within minutes. The ADSL Modem Wireless Router provides multiple Web content filtering options, reporting, and instant alerts.

How do I troubleshoot a dg834gv5 modem router?

Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DG834Gv5 User Manual Troubleshooting 7-9 v1.0, March 2010 • Press both the Wireless button and WPS button on the side of the modem router for 5 seconds. Use this method for cases when the administration password or IP address is not known.