How do I track my OCS Courier?

How do I track my OCS Courier?

To track the status of your parcel with OCS Courier, enter the tracking number that you got from OCS Courier in the box below Enter the Tracking Number.

Does OCS ship to USA?

If you have regular parcels to the USA, OCS can assist all year round. Special rates are available for mail order and retail businesses seeking to reach US customers!

Does OCS deliver to other provinces?

Yes. International customers are able to place orders on, provided the order is delivered to an address within Ontario.

Is it safe to order from OCS?

Online orders are delivered safely and securely. Consumers must verify their age to accept delivery and no packages will be left unattended at the door.

Is OCS packaging discreet?

When we ship orders, we deliver in discreet, plain packaging, so the nature of your purchase is not revealed. Click here to review the privacy policy in its entirety.

What is OCS Heathrow?

Founded in 1957, OCS is a worldwide courier and logistics shipping network of more than 250 proprietary offices and substations. We specialise in: – Domestic and International Express Delivery Services.

Does OCS charge shipping?

The Ontario Cannabis Store charges a $5 flat rate for shipping.

Does OCS do discreet shipping?

Does domain logistics deliver on weekends?

All deliveries are scheduled between 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Tuesday and Saturday) delivery drivers adhere to regional COVID-19 restrictions. Your courier will send you automated SMS Text notifications when your order is on it’s way, and when the driver is 2 hour, and 30 minutes away.

Can someone else accept my OCS order?

If your package is being picked up from a Canada Post outlet by someone other than you, they must show valid government-issued photo ID (or a document such as a utility bill) that shows they have the same address as you.

What is OCS aviation?

Search for glossary terms (regular expression allowed) Term. Main definition. OCS. Obstacle Clearance Surface.