How do I use MSF ISO 8?

How do I use MSF ISO 8?

Iso-8 unlocks at Commander Level 55, and upon unlocking the feature, you’ll have access to the Isotope-8 Campaign….The basic Iso-8 experience is as follows:

  1. Acquire Iso-8 Crystals.
  2. Equip your Crystals to its designated attribute.
  3. Unlock and choose your Class.
  4. Customize your squads using Iso-8 boosted characters.

How do you increase iso8?

At the ISO-8 menu, you can enhance ISO-8 by feeding it other stones. The enhanced ISO-8 stones will have higher stats. However, you should NEVER enhance ISO-8’s unless it is 4 star or higher.

How do you set ISO 8 in future fight?

Pick a stat you desire to enhance the powers of your characters. You can acquire ISO-8 by clearing Epic Quest, Dimension Mission, Alliance Battle, and by converting ISO-8. Equip on characters and use Boost ISO-8 as material.

What is ISO Crystal?

Edit. Iso-8 Crystals are used for increasing a heroes’ stats and gaining additional passives to turn the tide in combat. They are gained by either being dropped by enemies in combat, rewarded from tasks or by being won from power cells or roulettes.

What is the best ISO 8?

Best Iso-8 Classes & Enhancements:

  • Adam Warlock.
  • Agent Coulson.
  • AIM Assaulter.
  • AIM Infector.
  • AIM Monstrosity.
  • AIM Researcher.
  • AIM Security.
  • America Chavez.

What is the best ISO 8 for Sersi?

While I could see her being a Healer in the future once more Eternals are added, for now at least, the Skirmisher class, with Ikaris as a Striker, is the best ISO-8 class for Sersi.

What can I do with ISO 8?

Once you have the ability to upgrade, you can use ISO-8 Fragments to enhance your crystals. In the ISO-8 management menu, you have a few options. You can lock crystals so you don’t dismantle them, break them down into Fragments, select a group of them to lock or dismantle at once, view your ISO-8 slots, or modify.

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What ISO is best for Deathpool?

Ideal Iso-8 Class for Deathpool in Marvel Strike Force: If used in Raids, pairing Deathpool with both Cloak & Dagger is the smart way to go. The Speed Bar boost and the other boosts from the three characters’ abilities make them a strong play in Raids and challenging in other game modes as well.

What is the best ISO 8 for gamora?

Ideal Iso-8 Class for Gamora in Marvel Strike Force: If you are using Adam Warlock and Phyla-Vell as Strikers as we recommend in these Iso-8 recommendations for MSF, the Raider class may be the better fit.

Is Sersi good in strike force?

Along with Ikaris, Sersi immediately made an impact on MSF as the two are quite the duo in the game in late 2021. This Cosmic, Mystic, Controller has the ability to strengthen her allies and annoy the heck out of her opponents, but her strong base Speed set makes her a great candidate for the Skirmisher class.