How do you decorate the top of a bookshelf for Christmas?

How do you decorate the top of a bookshelf for Christmas?

Stick bows on framed photos. Wrap books in decorative paper and ribbons as stands for smaller ornaments. Wrap small and medium size boxes in colorful, festive holiday paper, and be sure to add a big, sparkly bow and some ribbon. Then scatter the “presents” here and there throughout the shelving units.

How do you decorate a large bookcase?

Lean artwork along the back of the shelves, and anchor them with books or heavier objects. To decorate the bookcase, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. Bulky vases or decorative plates can hide their heft behind small frames without losing their uniqueness.

How to decorate small tables for Christmas?


  • Picture Frame
  • Greenery or Florals
  • Books
  • Coasters
  • How to decorate a bookcase for Christmas?

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    How to style your bookshelves like a pro?

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  • Layering. I think a lot of people initially want to just put three things in a row,right next to each other.
  • Alternate your number of pieces per shelf. If I do three items on my top shelf,Ill split two on the second shelf.
  • Mix your heights. Keep the balance by evenly distributing your heights.
  • Mix your textures.
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