How do you get an outpost in towny?

How do you get an outpost in towny?

Normally townblocks are claimed around the home block, always connected to the town. To claim a townblock out in the wilderness, a mayor or assistant must claim an outpost. In order for players to claim outposts, the config must be set to allow_outposts: true and players require towny.

How do I download towny?

Step One – Preparing your server.

  1. Stop your server completely.
  2. Download the following and copy to your Plugins folder (Place . jar files in the plugins folder, not the actual . zip): Download Towny Advanced. zip (Includes Towny, TownyChat and Questioner.) Towny.
  3. Start your server.
  4. Stop your server.

How do you use towny in Minecraft?

Creating a Town Speaking of chunks, you can use f3+g, pressing both at once, to see the chunk map, in which the towny plugin bases claims off of. Once you create your town, use /t new (name), you should use /t deposit (most of your money) in order to keep the town running and allow for additional claims.

How do you claim plots in towny?

To put a plot for sale, type /plot forsale while standing inside it. By default, the plot price will be set 0. Residents can then buy the plot by typing /plot claim. If the plot has a price, the amount paid will go to the town bank.

How do you get money in towny Minecraft?

Sell items on the auction house. If you didn’t know, there is a auction house in SMPEarth Towny!…Tip #2

  1. xp Bottles (do ./bottle get [number])
  2. Enchanting Books (Example: Mending)
  3. Pieces of Armour.
  4. Tools.
  5. Consumables.
  6. Blocks.

How do I install towny advanced?

Stop your server completely. Download either of the following: Latest release build from the Releases tab. Includes Towny….Copy the contents to your Plugins folder.

  1. Towny.jar is required at all times.
  2. TownyChat. jar is required if you want Towny to modify chatting:
  3. Vault. jar or Reserve.

What is towny plugin Minecraft?

Towny is a land protection and town/nation simulation plugin that allows players to create, protect, and manage towns, own land, and form nations and alliances.

What is MC towny?

Modified 25 Jul 2021. Towny is a classic but still hugely popular game mode for Minecraft servers, attracting thousands of players daily. Towny servers allow players to claim vast plots of land, where they are then able to build and form their own town, inviting other players to join and live there.

How do you disband towny?

delete {town name} – Admin/Mayor command to delete a town from towny’s data folder’s files.

Can you join multiple towns in towny?

No, you can only be in one town.

How do I get my money from Earth SMP?

When you first join and settle down in a town on SMPEarth, you want to create your first mineshaft. If you didn’t get it already, mining is a GREAT source of money and will give you lots of profit. Obviously, you would need to keep some ores to yourself but selling them will make you rich!